David Wilson's flips concern Giants

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Justin Tuck wants to see David Wilson score many more touchdowns.

But the New York Giants defensive captain has made it clear that he wants to see Wilson retire his end zone backflip touchdown celebration.

"I told him several times never to do that again," Tuck said Wednesday. "We're going to have another talk about not doing it. Everyone knows how athletic he is, but the last thing we need is him having some tweak injury by showing off to the crowd.

"Let's just keep him upright and running and leave the backflips for YouTube. They're already on YouTube. If people want to see them, they can go to YouTube and see them."

However, Wilson won't stop doing something he says he's been doing since he was a toddler. During his historic breakout performance Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, Wilson scored three touchdowns. He rushed for 100 yards and two touchdowns, including a 52-yard run, and also scored on a 97-yard kickoff return.

The electric rookie became the first player in NFL history to have 200 kickoff-return yards while also rushing for 100 yards in a game and set a franchise record with 327 all-purpose yards in the 52-27 victory.

"That's one of the most impressive games I've seen, especially from a rookie who kind of got in the doghouse early," Tuck said of Wilson, who fumbled the second carry of his career in the season opener against Dallas. "To show that will to come back and continue to work and showcase that -- without him we don't win that game on Sunday (against the Saints).

"We have to try our best now to keep his head the same size it is right now."

Wilson said nobody in the Giants' front office has asked him to stop backflipping, but he did say that general manager Jerry Reese told him he will receive an earful if he injures himself on a celebration flip.

"Nobody asked me to stop," Wilson said. "Reese just told me if I get hurt, then he'll be in my grille."

Wilson isn't the only Giant capable of doing multiple backflips. Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul used to do consecutive backflips while at South Florida. Pierre-Paul, though, also has a history of minor back issues that may or may not be related.

Wilson claims he never has missed or had a bad landing on a flip.

"It's a possibility they can go wrong," he said. "But for me, I've been doing 'em since I was 3 years old. It's like easy -- it's almost like running, for me to jump and turn backwards. I've been doing it for a while, I think people can relax a little."

Eli Manning said he doesn't have a problem with Wilson's flips.

"That means he's scoring touchdowns," Manning said. "So that's fine by me."

Giants no-nonsense coach Tom Coughlin, though, wouldn't entertain any questions about Wilson's end zone acrobatics.

"Next question," Coughlin said. "You're not going to get me on that one."

Wilson could be in store for a bigger workload this weekend against the Atlanta Falcons with starter Ahmad Bradshaw nursing a sprained knee.