Victor Cruz staying patient

Victor Cruz is still patiently waiting for a contract extension, though the wide receiver and the New York Giants remain far apart in negotiations.

"I'm not getting antsy at all, I'm just waiting my time," Cruz told reporters in New Orleans on Thursday. "I know the Giants have a lot of decisions to make as far as all the other free agents we have so I'm just being patient. I know they have to come around at some point."

Cruz will be a restricted free agent but the receiver hopes he remains a priority for Giants brass. The Giants have several free agents and are projected to be $4.7 million over the cap for 2013.

"I think so, I would hope so," Cruz said of being a priority. "I consider myself as a pretty high priority in the Giants organization right now. Hopefully, they feel the same way and we can get to an agreement."

John Mara, the Giants' co-owner, indicated Friday the two sides are far apart in negotiations for an extension and that there is a limit to what the Giants are willing to give Cruz.

"We certainly want him back, but like with any player, there's a limit to where we're going to go," Mara told reporters, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. "He's been a terrific player for us, he's a fan favorite, he does a lot for our franchise, but there is a limit."

If the two sides do not come to an agreement on an extension by March 12 when free agency begins, the Giants will likely give Cruz a first-round, restricted free-agent, one-year tender of $2.879 million. The Giants will receive a first-round pick as compensation if Cruz signs an offer with another team and the Giants opt not to match.

"I have no feeling whether I want to be tendered, how I feel about it," Cruz said when asked by reporters about the RFA tender. "Either way, I just want to come to an agreement where something will keep me in New York."

Cruz has repeatedly said he does not want to be anywhere but New York. He is coming off two consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons and is averaging 84 receptions, 1,314 yards and nine touchdowns in the last two seasons since he became a starter in his second season.

Cruz thought he and the Giants were close to an extension during last season, saying that the structure of a deal seemed to be in place. But he admitted that the two sides weren't budging from their respective stances by the end of last season.

"I understand it's a negotiation, it has to go back and forth," Cruz said. "The two sides have to agree at some point and I guess at that point they kinda agreed to disagree so we're just being patient. Hopefully something comes along and we'll be happy with it."

The Giants have several free agents, including left tackle Will Beatty, and are projected to be $4.7 million over the cap for 2013, according to ESPN NFL senior writer John Clayton.

Mara told reporters that there is a financial limit with any player because of the salary cap and the Giants' needs on the roster. When asked if Cruz's asking price was unreasonable, Mara indicated that was the case, according to the Star-Ledger.

"Well, right now, but that's his agent," Mara said. "But that's what agents do, and we've got a lot of time to work something out, and hopefully we'll be able to come together."