Jordan Staal: Marc 'doing well'

NEW YORK -- Jordan Staal saw his brother Marc on Sunday night for the first time since the New York Rangers' defenseman suffered the grisly eye injury that has sidelined him indefinitely, and is optimistic that his brother will play again this season.

Marc Staal has missed six games since taking a puck to the eye in the Rangers' 4-2 win over the Flyers on March 5. There has been no official timetable announced for his recovery.

"I believe so," said Jordan, in town for Monday's Hurricanes-Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. "He still needs time to heal but I think he's looking forward to getting back as soon as he can."

Jordan said Marc is in good spirits and making progress.

"He's doing well," said Jordan, who was traded to the Hurricanes from Pittsburgh this summer. "He's slowly getting there. Obviously, there's still a little more healing to be done, but things are looking up for him."

Jordan, who joined his brother Eric on the Hurricanes, said that Marc sustained fractures on the play. A source confirmed to ESPNNewYork.com that Marc suffered non-displaced fractures, although those are not expected to affect his timetable. And although his vision is not 100 percent, he is expected to make a full recovery before his return.

When exactly will that be?

"I didn't really talk to him about that," Jordan said. "I'm not really sure. I think he's still got fractures and stuff to heal so it will take some time."

When he does get back on the ice, he likely will wear a visor. Marc did not wear one before the incident occurred. The NHL does not require players to wear a visor, though efforts have been made to eventually make it mandatory.

"We asked him. I think he's gonna wear one," Jordan said. "It really isn't a laughing matter, but I think he learned his lesson and is gonna throw one on."

Asked if their mother had a say in the matter, Jordan said: "My mom threw a few comments out, as usual, but Staals can be stubborn sometimes."

Jordan admitted he still has not watched a replay of what happened, and is not sure he wants to.

"It was a tough moment for myself, obviously for him, and our family, but I'm glad to see he's doing better," he said.

Their parents are in town from Thunder Bay, Ontario, a trip previously planned to watch what would've been the first time all three brothers played in the same NHL game. That won't happen Monday, but the family got together regardless.

"I think Marc would like to be in the game and playing so we didn't really bring that up too much," Jordan said. "It's unfortunate but I'm sure we'll be playing games down the road."