Mets' David Wright out 8th day in row

NEW YORK -- Mets third baseman David Wright remained sidelined Friday for an eighth straight day with a bruised left rotator cuff, but the captain now predicts he will return to the lineup Saturday.

Wright underwent an MRI last Saturday that revealed the bruise to his non-throwing shoulder. The Mets chose to keep him active and to play short-handed while he healed rather than place him on the 15-day disabled list.

Wright had eyed this past Monday in Atlanta for his return, but he missed that series entirely. The Mets then indicated Friday's series opener against the Texas Rangers was the goal, but that won't happen, either.

On Friday, Wright batted in a cage and threw a baseball for the first time in a week. He was unable to take grounders because the tarp was on the infield at Citi Field.

Team doctors recommended he wait until Saturday and attempt that final hurdle before re-entering the lineup.

"I had hoped to meet the team in Atlanta. They slowed me down after that," Wright said. "And then obviously, for me, I would have liked to have been in the lineup today. They slowed me down there. I have knowledgeable people in my corner that are holding the reins on me a little bit to make sure I don't do something. You don't want to injure something more."

Asked if the Mets made the right call in keeping him active given he has missed eight days, Wright said: "The DL is still 15 days, right?"

The Mets lost five of six games while Wright was in New York getting treatment and doing strengthening exercises for the area around the rotator cuff.

Reminded, though, that the team has been short-handed in his absence, Wright added: "OK, well I don't make those decisions. It's something where I want to play. Obviously I don't want to get DL'd. So if I miss eight days, I feel terrible. The team hasn't played all that well, and obviously they're playing a man down. So I feel terrible about that, but I don't make those decisions."

Wright added that it is too soon to know whether the shoulder issue will impact his potential availability for the All-Star Game on July 15.

He also is unsure how sharp he will be when he does return to the lineup, given he did not pick up a bat for a full week. Still, he noted he has returned cold from the DL in the past.

"There's some days where you just have a scheduled off-day and then you come back the next day and you feel a little weird from getting that one off-day," he said. "So I'm sure there's going to be a little adjusting to do. I'm sure things are going to speed up on me a little bit and balls are going to look a little harder and the game is going to move a little fast. Hopefully that's a quick adjustment period."