Giants players say they're not worried about MRSA infection spreading

Giants TE Daniel Fells out for season with MRSA infection (0:50)

NFL Insider Dan Graziano reports that Giants TE Daniel Fells is out for the season with an MRSA infection and that the team is taking precautionary actions to avoid an outbreak. (0:50)

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants addressed the issue of MRSA with their players and are taking precautions to prevent the spread of infection on Wednesday.

Tight end Daniel Fells is out for the season because of MRSA, a serious staph infection involving powerful bacteria resistant to penicillin-type treatment. The team has scrubbed the locker room, training room and meeting rooms and spoke to players at the request of the NFL and NFL Players Association.

Several Giants players said they are not worried about an infection spreading.

Cornerback Prince Amukamara said he had MRSA during his first year at Nebraska but didn't know it could be a life-threatening infection at that time.

Amukamara said he continually scratched at a pimple on his wrist before sharing some weightlifting equipment with other players.

"It was the worst," Amukamara said. "With me, it started with a little pimple on my wrist, and I started picking at it and popping it, and I put on -- in college we had these weightlifting straps and everyone just used it and threw it in [a bin]. So I remember using a sweaty one not knowing any better, and I started getting itchy and it started getting aggravated and I got sick."

Amukamara said once he told Nebraska team physicians about how he was feeling, the team acted quickly.

"So they had to drill it and empty it all out and wrap it like a huge bandage," Amukamara said. "And I was in bed for like three or four days not able to move or nothing. It was horrible.

"It is like a very extreme case of the flu. My body, I almost felt like paralyzed. Didn't want to move, didn't want to get up and shower, always felt cold."

The cornerback said he was feeling better within a week.

Fells was being treated for an ankle condition when a staph infection was discovered. Coach Tom Coughlin said he spoke to Fells and that "they're thinking Thursday he'll be able to get out."

For the most part, Giants players did not seem too concerned about an outbreak, like the one that occurred at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' facility in 2013. Three players -- guard Carl Nicks, kicker Lawrence Tynes and cornerback Johnthan Banks -- were diagnosed with MRSA that season.

"It's kind of the nature of the beast with stuff in here," wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. said. "Everybody is sweaty, dirty, and things can get passed around through scabs and scars or whatever. ... A teammate of ours has it, and they just want to make sure they control the situation so it doesn't spread to other guys."

The Giants have hand-sanitizing stations all over the facility and have asked players to take certain precautions.

"We have this anti-bacterial soap that really makes sure you are extra clean," Amukamara said. "The cold tubs and hot tubs, make sure you shower before you get in there and make sure you bring in shower shoes in the shower."

Eli Manning and Beckham were not worried at all.

"They said something about Ebola [spreading] a long time ago, and I try not to worry about that," Beckham said when asked how concerned the players are about MRSA. "There's no need to worry about it.

"If something is going to happen, it's going to happen. I believe in destiny and faith."