Giants TE Daniel Fells has 6th surgery to fight MRSA infection

New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells had another surgery Wednesday as doctors continue to work to fight off the MRSA staph infection in his foot and leg.

It's the sixth surgery Fells has had since being diagnosed with MRSA two weeks ago, and he remains in a New York City hospital while doctors administer antibiotics. More surgeries are likely, but optimism about Fells' long-term prognosis continued Wednesday as his response to the latest course of antibiotic treatment remained positive.

Fells was diagnosed with MRSA while being treated for an ankle injury, and the Giants placed him on season-ending injured reserve because of the treatment that the life-threatening infection requires. As a result of the infection and the surgeries required to treat it, Fells, 32, is unlikely to play football again.

But while there's still a long way to go in Fells' treatment and recovery, his doctors have found reason the past several days to believe his chances of survival are good, sources said. As recently as Sunday, there was concern that doctors might have to amputate Fells' foot in order to save his life. But as he's responded to the current treatment, which includes antibiotic beads packed into his foot and IV antibiotics administered into his bloodstream, hope has increased that such a drastic step won't be necessary.

The Giants dedicated Sunday's victory to Fells and presented him with a game ball via Skype in their Monday morning meeting. Players, coaches and staff have been to visit him, and team trainer Ronnie Barnes and coach Tom Coughlin remain in regular contact with Fells and his wife for updates.