Martellus Bennett breaks fan's fall

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Of all the career-best stats he has put up this season, Martellus Bennett is proudest of a catch he made Sunday night after the Giants' win over Green Bay.

While walking back into the locker room after a 38-10 win over the Packers, Bennett went to hand some kids his game gloves. A man went to grab the gloves and fell over the railing.

Bennett caught the fan and said that's the fifth life he has saved in his lifetime.

"I was walking into the locker room, and some kids were like, 'Hey, Black Unicorn.' That's what they call me," Bennett said. "And then I was handing my gloves. Some guy, he was probably like 48 years older than the little kid that wanted the glove, but he tried to take the glove from the little kid, and the little kid like took it and ducked.

"And then he went over the top of the little kid," Bennett continued. "And I just caught him. It wasn't that big of a deal."

As Bennett went to put the fan down, he tripped on a cameraman who was behind him. Bennett said he was not injured and when he got up he saw the fan being escorted away by police.

"I caught him and then I was about to set him down gently, kinda like when Lois Lane is caught by Superman and then he kind of takes her down and sets her down so she can land on her feet," Bennett said. "But it didn't happen like that.

"There was a cameraman behind me. You all know cameramen are the least athletic people in the world. I stepped on him. We both went down."

The 52-year-old Giants fan was charged with disorderly conduct, Bloomberg News reported.

The 6-foot-6, 265-pound tight end was still excited Monday about coming to the aid of a fan. A comic book and superhero fan, Bennett likened himself to the Marvel superhero Cyclops from the X-Men.

"Cyclops has super powers," Bennett said of the X-Men leader whose mutant power is firing an optic blast from his eyes. "He's caught people. He caught Jean Grey a couple of times. But all superheroes catch people at some point in time. Otherwise they're not as super as they think they are."

Bennett said "this is probably like my fifth person I've saved in my life."

Bennett recounted a time he helped save a ball boy from being trampled when fans stormed the court after a Texas A&M-Texas basketball game.

"Everybody was jumping on him," said Bennett, a two-sport standout at Texas A&M. "And I saw him down there. I wanted to keep jumping and celebrating. But I looked down, then I looked at everybody else. So I did the righteous thing, and I picked the kid up and carried him off the court. He had like a broken arm and a broken wrist."

Bennett said he has saved a few cousins who couldn't swim as well.

"I'm a certified lifeguard," Bennett said. "Me and my brother (Michael) that plays for the Bucs. We are certified lifeguards. He did more lifeguarding than me.

"I just save lives. I actually saved about 12 people but only like four of those were drowning. Some people was about to drown; they just didn't know it yet."

So far this season, Bennett has 39 catches for 455 yards and three touchdowns. But he won't forget the catch he made after the Green Bay game for some time.

"I've been catching people for a long time," Bennett said. "I didn't get hurt. I was just happy the guy was OK. Just doing my job as a neighborhood superhero."