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Monday, June 3
Updated: June 5, 2:07 PM ET
No surprises as teams begin June 1 cuts

By John Clayton

There have been no real surprises and a couple of delays in the release of NFL players by teams on the first day they can take advantage of pushing off salary cap hits into future seasons.

Salary cap savings
Player 2002 savings 2003 cap hit
Jamal Anderson $2 million $1.5 million
Rodney Thomas $650,000 $0
John Fina $3 million $5,693,526
Charlie Batch $2 million $4,916,853
Herman Moore $750,000 $4,015,256
Antonio Freeman $4.3 million $4,285,716
Keenan McCardell $2.95 million $2.815 million
Hardy Nickerson $3.61 million $2.9 million
Derrick Alexander $750,000 $2,548,336
Glenn Parker $1.4 million $1,053,429
Mike Jones $750,000 $83,333
Ray Brown $1.530 million $2,369,502
Marco Coleman $4,005,760 $3.8838 million

So far 13 players have been officially cut -- Falcons halfbacks Jamal Anderson and Rodney Thomas, Bills left tackle John Fina, Lions quarterback Charlie Batch and wide receiver Herman Moore, Chiefs wide receiver Derrick Alexander, Packers wide receiver Antonio Freeman, Jaguars wide receiver Keenan McCardell and linebacker Hardy Nickerson, Giants guard Glenn Parker, Steelers linebacker Mike Jones, 49ers guard Ray Brown and Redskins defensive end Marco Coleman.

The Giants were going to delay the release of Parker until Tuesday but he made it to the office in time to fail a physical. Parker, who may retire from the NFL, was placed on the waiver wire as released-failed physical.

Fina and Brown didn't appear on Monday's waiver wire but their teams announced that they have been released. Officially, they will appear on the Tuesday waivers, which delays their ability to talk to interested teams for a day.

The league informed teams that they could not contact players until after Monday afternoon when those released players appear on the waiver wire.

The delays in a couple of the releases were either to wait for players to arrive for physicals or to discuss further the salary cap implications of such moves.

For example, 49ers general manager Terry Donahue said later this week he will probably release injured cornerback Alex Lincoln, who is expected to retired because of neck problems.

Donohue is delaying a decision on defensive end Junior Bryant while they discuss the salary cap implication of his potential released. Don't be surprised if Bryant is on the roster on the physically unable to perform list until the start of the regular season. At that time, Bryant, who has back and neck troubles, would probably be released.

The Saints are going to wait until Tuesday to cut linebacker Keith Mitchell, whom they told last week that he would be a free agent.

In other June 1 salary cap cut news, Pat Dye, the agent for halfback James Stewart, remains optimistic that the team will work out a restructured contract to keep his client on the team. Negotiations continued Monday. Stewart continues to work with team during its offseason workouts while he awaits the team's decision.

The Bengals didn't cut wide receiver Darnay Scott although they continue to have discussions about his future. Scott has been absent during most of the team's offseason workouts. He vowed to work out with a personal trainer but the team isn't sure that is doing all the work necessary.

Panthers defensive end Jay Williams decided to join his teammates in the Panthers workouts Monday. He is willing to cut his salary from $1.65 million in half. Negotiations continued Monday without settlement. Williams said he would continue working with his teammates until the issue is resolved.

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