The List: Cap break for veterans?

The NFL is constantly tweaking its rules and with that in mind, here are five rule changes -- both on and off the field -- I'd like to see:

1. I'd like to see the salary cap tweaked so that veterans -- especially guys who have played with one team for a long time -- are taken better care of. It would be great if there was some special cap relief where a player could be paid over the cap amount after a certain length of service with one team.

2. A better health care and disability program must be instituted. We're seeing what players are going through after their careers are over and it's silly to assume that they are able to afford the myriad doctor's bills that are essentially the result of their careers.

3. Relaxed defensive pass interference penalties. It's time that the league thinks about changing the way it calls pass interference on the defense. Instead of having it be a spot of the foul call and an automatic first down, I'd like to see the NFL institute 15-yard and five-yard penalties for pass interference. Similar to how facemask penalties are called, there should be an option for a five-yard penalty with no first down in addition to the 15-yard penalty.

4. The NFL and NFLPA have to come up with a solution to help stem the concussion situation. Maybe it's time for a new helmet.

5. Players should return to picking the Pro Bowl participants. Too often, undeserving players are given the honor because they make enough noise to garner attention instead of producing on the field.