The List: Top 5 ferocious hitters

Big-time hitters make their presence felt almost every time they take the field. They play with a controlled aggression and have little regard for their own welfare. Here are my top five ferocious hitters in the league.

Sean Taylor, FS, Washington Redskins: He's reckless and plays with no regard for his body. A great hitter has to have no fear of hurting himself and that's the way Taylor plays. He's a physically dominant football player and brings that Ronnie Lott type of aura.

Troy Polamalu, SS, Pittsburgh Steelers: He's an impact player and brings the heat while playing at all three levels of the field. He's like a tiger on the field, but will miss tackles because he goes all out with his body.

Brian Dawkins, FS, Philadelphia Eagles: He's another hitter who wreaks havoc on all three levels and absolutely destroys people.

Rodney Harrison, FS, New England Patriots: He's known around the league for being a devastating tackler. After he delivers a big hit there are normally some flags and fines.

Julius Peppers, DE, Carolina Panthers: He's a physical freak, and when he comes off the corner he hurts people. You can't say he's just a defensive end because unlike a lot of ends he delivers a blow that is remembered.