Morton could be released by Chiefs

While June 1 figures to be extremely quiet this year, there are still some players who will be released and available. Here are the top players (in order of the amount of interest they would draw) expected to be on the market after June 1:

Scott Gragg, right tackle, 49ers: He was probably the first player to learn he was going to be cut June 1. Coach Mike Nolan told him not to show up in any of the team's offseason activities so he didn't get hurt before his release. The Lions and Jets might look at him.

Lance Schulters, safety, Titans: Even though they'd love to bring him back, the Titans will save $2.75 million of cap room with his release. The Falcons, Cowboys and Packers are lining up to contact him once he hits the open market.

Rod Gardner, wide receiver, Redskins: The former first-round choice has been shopped in trades all offseason without success. The Redskins will release him when they need the cap room to sign their draft choices, but that might not be in the first week of June.

Koren Robinson, wide receiver, Seahawks: Robinson, despite his dropped passes and off-field troubles, is ticketed to come to training camp and compete for a starting job. But the Seahawks might need Robinson's $1.35 million salary if they decide to sign defensive end Peter Boulware.

Kenyatta Walker, tackle, Tampa Bay: The Bucs might want to try to keep him on the roster, so don't expect anything fast here. If a few players don't restructure their contracts, the Bucs might need his $2.5 million to sign their draft choices.

Johnnie Morton, wide receiver, Chiefs: His refusal to take a pay cut from $3 million puts him on the June 1 list. He still has time to say yes to the reduced salary, but the Chiefs told him not to show up for recent training sessions unless he takes the cut.

Bobby Taylor, cornerback, Seahawks: Taylor has been replaced as the Seahawks' third cornerback, and chances that he would be moved to safety ended with the Seahawks' plans to sign Bucs safety John Howell in June. Taylor has a bad knee that might hurt him on the open market.

Mike Barrow, linebacker, Redskins: The Redskins might wait a few weeks before cutting him to give him a chance to get his knee right and be available for training camp. He hasn't done anything this offseason because of the knee, but if it's not right soon, he will be cut for cap purposes.

Kyle Turley, right tackle, Rams: Back problems sidelined him last season, and his public spat with Rams coach Mike Martz that almost turned physical sealed his fate in St. Louis. Unless he's back to 300 pounds, he might sit on the market for a while.

Rich Gannon, quarterback, Raiders: There is no future here. He's expected to retire because of neck problems. Unfortunately for the Raiders, he will save them only $765,000 because he took a pay cut to help them back in February.

John Clayton is a senior writer for ESPN.com.