Verba heads list of available players

Here are the top 10 players still available on the NFL free-agent market:

1. Ross Verba, Left tackle: At 31, it can be argued that Verba might be headed for the downward part of his career and might be a risk for the $5 million-plus contract he seeks. What can't be argued is where he is now as a player. He's a top-level left tackle. Some scouting services have him in the top 10 at the position, and for a 31-year-old, that puts him in his prime. The Texans have the best chance of landing him because they have the cap room.

2. Peter Boulware, Defensive end/linebacker: The microfracture surgery to his knee that caused him to miss all of the 2004 season has scared a few teams from offering him big dollars, but Boulware isn't without suitors. Cleveland, Seattle and Houston want him at the right price, but that price isn't what Boulware is asking for right now. He still wants $3 to $4 million because he believes he has a 10-sack season ahead of him.

3. Ty Law, Cornerback: Normally, he would be at the top of the list, but he's been out there since March and nobody has made him a big offer. Law is just starting to make cuts after more than a month of running on his surgically repaired foot. The Dolphins have a minimum salary one-year offer out for Law, and the Bucs are interested but can't do much better than that. The sleeper could be the Jaguars.

4. Anthony Simmons, Linebacker: Simmons still has the speed to be a linebacker who can cover fast running backs coming out of the backfield, but his surgically repaired wrist isn't totally healthy yet. Simmons has been reluctant to take a minimum salary deal. The Saints were interested but didn't want to pay a lot. Simmons plans on waiting to make a decision on where he'll end up.

5. Koren Robinson, Wide receiver: Things are on hold until close to the start of training camp. His recent DUI following alcohol rehab has teams concerned. The 49ers would have signed him once the Seahawks released him, but they were concerned about the public reaction. Instead, they opted to sign Johnnie Morton. Robinson has the ability to be a No. 1 receiver if he can clean up his off-field problems.

6. Scott Gragg, Right tackle: Gragg knows he will land a starting job. Teams such as the Jets and Lions want to look at younger right tackles at their minicamps, and might wait a week or two into training camp to reconsider bringing Gragg into the fold. Gragg is a dependable right tackle with durability. He's an instant starter for most teams, even if he's signed two weeks into camp.

7. Chris Terry, Right tackle: Terry has had off-field issues, but when he plays, he can dominate. The Seahawks offense operated at its best when he was at right tackle and Walter Jones handled the left side. Like Gragg, Terry might have to wait until August to get a job. As a tackle, Terry mauls defensive ends. Teams that get into training camp and don't like what they see at right tackle will give him a look as the summer progresses.

8. Lance Schulters, Safety: At the very least, Schulters hopes to get a contract similar to the $1.51 million given to R.W. McQuarters. Teams that are interested, though, have tight caps. The best fit would be in Atlanta where he could reunite with Jim Mora, his former defensive coordinator in San Francisco. But the Falcons' cap is tight. The Redskins can't do more than the minimum, so he won't be going there.

9. Ellis Johnson, Defensive tackle: For whatever reason, Johnson has been available since March and nobody has made a move. Sure, he's aging, but Johnson still has pass rush ability from the three-technique defensive tackle spot.

10. Vinny Testaverde, Quarterback: Sure, he's 41, but if he was good enough to start for the Cowboys last season, he's good enough to be a backup somewhere once training camp starts. Lots of teams have made him minimum salary offers to help them out. He'd be a nice fit in Seattle as Matt Hasselbeck's backup. Testaverde heads a list of big-name quarterbacks still looking for work, including Quincy Carter, Rick Mirer, Shaun King, Jeff George and Kordell Stewart.

Best of the rest: Wide receivers Curtis Conway, Bobby Shaw and Tai Streets; tight ends Chad Lewis, Cam Cleeland and Ken Dilger; linebackers Kevin Hardy, T.J. Slaughter, Ronald McKinnon and Jason Glenn; defensive ends Kenny Mixon, Erik Flowers, Juqua Thomas and Travis Hall; safeties Rogers Beckett, Cory Bird, Zack Bronson, Brock Marion, Brian Walker and Eric Brown; guard Dan Neil; halfbacks Amos Zereoue, Eddie George and Garrison Hearst.

John Clayton is a senior writer for ESPN.com.