Indy, Arizona had no chance

DALLAS -- Indianapolis and Arizona never had a chance to land the 2011 Super Bowl. Jerry World -- as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' $1 billion stadium is being referred to -- will offer 100,000 seats and more than 200 luxury suites.

With Super Bowl tickets expected to cost an estimated $900 apiece in 2011, Jones made the NFL an offer it could not afford to refuse. Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach lobbied on behalf of North Texas' bid. The line he used to clinch it?

"Hi, I'm Roger Staubach."

North Texas now begins the task of divvying up the responsibilities. In case you missed it, the new stadium is being built in Arlington. The city of Dallas forfeited its opportunity to have the palace a few years ago, so it's in some ways a bittersweet day here.

But for the most part, the entire region is thrilled. In fact, my house in a beautiful part of Dallas called Lake Highlands is already up for rent Super Bowl week.

Jones and his family traveled to the ends of the earth to come up with ideas for the stadium. You haven't lived until you hear Jones say, in that Arkansas twang, that he fell completely in love with an airport terminal in Nice, France.

If memory serves correctly, the average temperature in early February in North Texas is about 50. We don't have beaches, but we offer plenty of retail and restaurants that serve chicken-fried steak. We can't wait to see you guys, and please bring some extra cash for deposit on the house.

Matt Mosley covers the NFL for ESPN.com and lives in North Texas.