Position-by-position analysis

Editor's note: In preparation for the NFL draft (April 23-24, ESPN), Len Pasquarelli and John Clayton will roll out a position-by-position look at draft prospects, along with a breakdown for each position. Check the schedule below for when we'll cover each position.

Wednesday, April 6: Running backs
Pasquarelli: Running back breakdown
Pasquarelli: Special bond for Brown and Williams
Pasquarelli: Mixed reviews on RBs
Schatz: SEC vs. Big 10 running backs

Thursday, April 7: Offensive linemen
Pasquarelli: Offensive line breakdown
Pasquarelli: Baas heads center class

Friday, April 8: Wide receivers
Pasquarelli: Wide receiver breakdown
Clayton: Long-term gain for Mike Williams

Monday, April 11: Tight ends
Pasquarelli: Tight end breakdown
Clayton: Down year for TEs

Tuesday, April 12: Defensive ends
Pasquarelli: Defensive end breakdown
Pasquarelli: DEs major first-round risk

Wednesday, April 13: Defensive tackles
Pasquarelli: Defensive tackle breakdown
Pasquarelli: Johnson moved from harm's way

Pasquarelli: Patterson sought better competition

Vanderberg: Cody turns to reality TV

Thursday, April 14: Linebackers
Pasquarelli: Linebacker breakdown
Clayton: Versatility makes Merriman attractive

Friday, April 15: Cornerbacks
Pasquarelli: Cornerback breakdown
Clayton: Still high demand for CBs

Sunday, April 17: Safeties
Pasquarelli: Safety breakdown
Pasquarelli: Teams usually wait on safeties

Monday, April 18: Quarterbacks
Pasquarelli: Quarterback breakdown
Clayton: QBs dominate top of draft
Clayton: Mid-major QBs have big impact
Pasquarelli: Tedford QBs struggle in NFL