A little befuddlement in Philly?

From the streets of NYC to draft headquarters at Radio City Music Hall, Matt Mosley blogs it all from the scene. We hope you stayed with him through Saturday's first three rounds. Be sure to return for the bitter end Sunday. Here are Matt's Friday musings.

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10:31 p.m.: Since I just surpassed the 6,000-word barrier, my editors have asked me to stop. Perhaps forever. But Lord willing, we'll start over Saturday morning. Special thanks to the guy who said he left his niece's first holy communion early because he didn't want to miss my third-round coverage.

9:45 p.m.: Once again, I hate to take credit for anything. But some of you may recall me saying the Cowboys were going to take Boston College OT James Marten in the third round about three hours ago.

OK, I'm going to read some of your e-mail and call it a night -- unless you're just dying to continue!

9:35 p.m.: Several Raiders fans are accusing me of neglecting them. Guys, I spent the first three hours analyzing your No. 1 pick. Now, you want me to get excited about Josh McCown and Mike Williams coming to town?

Will that trade save the franchise? You bet your Al Davis jogging suit it will. McCown and Williams will make beautiful memories and will thrill you and your offspring.

Green Bay finally gets around to taking a running back. Brandon Jackson out of Nebraska. I've seen him play three times in person, and he's great at accelerating. I also recall him being about 5-4, so he's able to run through the legs of his offensive linemen.

9:30 p.m.: I am starting to lose it. Our guy Kalil is finally off the board. The Panthers took him at No. 59. Since I've heard from more than 450 of you today, I'm planning to spend most of tomorrow addressing your questions. Here's one from Zach Thiel in Howards Grove, Wis.:

"Hey there Matt, great blog, I've been on it all day checking out what you have to say. So now with the Raiders trading for Mike Williams, I think the writing is on the wall that Moss is out of Oakland. Man, would I love to see him in the green and gold!!! GO PACK!!!"

Zach, I get the feeling Kiffin's ready to trade Moss for a nice bottle of Pinot Noir. If you want him, tell Uncle Ted to go get him.

Quick question: Is it a bad sign when your head hits the keyboard during a blog entry?

I've got maybe 20 more minutes in me. What about you guys? And yes, I loved Bruce Smith announcing the Bills' first-round choice. Thought it seemed a bit odd at first, but then I came to my senses and remembered he went to Virginia Tech.

In another developing story, Wingo and Stanford quarterback seem to have great chemistry in the split-screen. Thanks to Trey for all his constructive criticism today. He has Anthony Arline going early in the fourth, by the way.

9:12 p.m.: Eagles head coach Andy Reid, during an interview with Chris Berman, said,

"Last time they booed a quarterback in Philadelphia, he turned out pretty good," after the Eagles picked Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb at No. 36.

And Michael Smith just reported that Reid called Donovan McNabb to tell him not to worry about the Kolb pick. Smith said McNabb expressed "befuddlement" in an e-mail exchange. I'm expressing some befuddlement as I enter my 11th hour of blogging.

Anyone still out there?

9:10 p.m.: E-mailer Timothy Edwards writes, "Why does everyone seem to be so down on Ginn? He's easily the most explosive player in the draft. His stock only fell because he couldn't really work out with the ankle injury. Let's remember now, he's only been a receiver for about 2 1/2 seasons. Went to OSU as a corner and was inserted into the offense for a spark. I'd say he has a ton talent with a pretty high ceiling."

Tim, no one is arguing that Ginn's not explosive, but he shouldn't have been the ninth player taken in the draft. If you're going to take a wide receiver in the first 10 picks, I think you want a No. 1 starter. He's simply not that guy, and his return skills aren't enough to make this a good pick for the Dolphins.

Just accidentally walked through one of my pal Adam Schefter's stand-up reports. This guy is quite the multitasker. He's doing report after report while appearing to blog on his cell phone.

8:54 p.m.: According to my friend Rick Gosselin, USC center Ryan Kalil is the best player who hasn't been taken. Did this workout with Will Ferrell hurt Kalil's status?

8:37 p.m.: The Cowboys and Browns are at it again. Jerry Jones just traded his 53rd and 145th choices to Cleveland for its 67th, 103rd and 178th picks. Since I've committed the trade value chart to memory, I can tell you that the Cowboys ended up with more value.

I do think the Browns got a pretty talented player in Eric Wright, but he has character concerns. This is the kid who said he went to UNLV to prove that he could avoid temptation. I'm not buying that one, but he does have first-round talent.

You're seeing a lot of teams holding off on taking guys like Wright.

8:12 p.m.: Special thanks to Waco, Texas, resident Blair Browning, who reports that he's been reading this blog for 10 hours.

"I'm praying Sepulveda goes in the third," Browning said.

At this rate, I've estimated the draft will end in early July.

8:06 p.m.: Took a little break for dinner and I'm ready to take you the rest of the way. I think the biggest surprise so far in the second round is Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb going to the Eagles at No. 36. The Eagles fans around us were certainly not happy, and some of my friends in the scouting community called this one a reach.

During dinner, I visited with Steve Gagliardino, who's part of the Cowboys contingent here. Steve, Robert Blackwell and Blackwell's son, Nate, are working the phones. All the representatives sit up front and keep their eyes on two guys working the phones at the front of the room. When one of those guys picks up the phone, it means that a trade is probably going down.

Auburn running back Kenny Irons is the 49th pick by the Bengals. ESPN crew just reported that Kiper's only had one bathroom break today. I'm not sure what to do with this news. Mort said it took Kiper 4.2 seconds. Now we're having fun.

6:54 p.m.: We proudly present our annual Bust Ballot.

6:52 p.m.: My reference to Chess King at Town East Mall in Mesquite, Texas, touched a lot of hearts today:

"Absolutely great reference. Unfortunately, I know that mall, and that store from being a district manager for another retailer there. I left every week laughing at that store and the Shaq early '90s suits in the window. (For obvious reasons I waited till leaving to get the laughs in. Town East not the nicest of malls)."

Town East had nothing on Big Town Mall, which was easily accessible if you drove your car off the mixmaster off 635.

In other news, Packers fans are upset about the Harrell choice. Apparently they have a problem with Ted Thompson taking a guy who missed 10 games last season. The reader wants to know if the Packers will take Auburn running back Kenny Irons in the second round. Not going to happen. Super scout and former Oilers great Alonzo Highsmith will not allow this to happen. You may have to make do with the great Zach Miller.

6:28 p.m.: Just spoke with ESPN's Ed Werder as he was boarding a flight from Oakland to Dallas. He said 17-year-old Raiders coach Lane Kiffin was very adamant in saying that this day was about JaMarcus Russell and the franchise -- and not about Randy Moss.

Kiffin is determined not to be shown up by Moss, and it's looking more and more like he won't be in Oakland next season. And that's even if they can't get anything for him.

Folks, Commissioner Goodell just informed us that this is the longest first round in league history. The first round lasted six hours and eight minutes. My buddy Sam Farmer from the L.A. Times appears to be losing focus two rows in front of me.

Dallas Morning News draft guru Goose Gosselin has a look of determination in his eye as we plunge into the second round. I've now been blogging for over eight hours.

In draft news, the Raiders have traded the first pick in the second round to Arizona.

6:23 p.m.: This just in! Madden 08 gallery of top-10 picks in draft. Only here, folks. Only here.

6:16 p.m.: Indy on the clock for the final pick of the first round. Someone just informed me that Bill Polian's going with the under-utilized "best Baylor player on the board" strategy that landed him Justin Snow a few years ago.

Look for BU punter Daniel Sepulveda to go early in the fourth, followed by CB Anthony Arline, CB C.J. Wilson and RB/cousin Paul Mosley.

6:11 p.m.: Christi Rain of Dallas writes, "Congrats on the blog on ESPN.com. I was wondering where you were for a while ... it's wonderful that you are adding a Texas flair to ESPN. I love seeing the hometown flavor thrown in (aka shopping at Town East Mall)."

Christi, obviously this is an attempt by ESPN.com to boost its female numbers. And I'm not sure Deion got that suit at Chess King or Oak Tree at Town East.

On another subject, my guy in San Diego just called and told me the Chargers were thrilled to get Craig Davis at No. 30. I had Davis going a little later on my board, but the Chargers are no longer using my board.

San Diego would still love to get something done on Michael Turner, but it may not happen. Do you guys realize how bad this running back draft is?

Does the first round always take like 14 hours? I'm thinking about catching a Broadway musical during the second round and then rushing back for the third.

6 p.m.: Could someone update me on how Keyshawn's performing so far? Should he go ahead and retire in order to launch his TV career? I really think he wants to. He's looked very comfortable the few times I've stopped by the set.

5:55 p.m.: You guys are amazing. Just counted 295 unread e-mails in my inbox. I'm going to address a few of them right now.

5:53 p.m.: This comes from an astute unnamed reader: "Was Mosley sitting in Jerry's office this week? He called both moves in the article. Mosley, move to Dallas so we can get some real Cowboy news."

Unnamed reader, I appreciate the note. You may not have realized that I spent the past four years covering the Cowboys for the Dallas Morning News and DallasNews.com. Oh, and I still live there.

Ravens take Ben Grubbs, who should be able to start immediately at left guard. He'll have a little trouble getting surge against two-gap, run-plugging types, but really, who doesn't have that problem?

Just got caught looking at a non-ESPN publication underneath the table! Awaiting punishment.

5:45 p.m.: Quinn handled himself very well after becoming the biggest story of this draft by sliding all the way to No. 22. He looked more relieved than anything. Quinn vowed to have a "chip on his shoulder."

He said the most bizarre thing was that he slipped past all the coaches and organizations he was familiar with. Quinn revealed that he was talking to the Ravens, who were hoping to take him at No. 29.

"I had a spot in which I didn't think I was going to go any farther and obviously it exceeded that point. ... Obviously, I hated the wait and being there for a little longer than I expected," Quinn said.

Quinn found comfort in Commissioner Goodell's Green Room. After the Quinn interview, I finally found the Radio City Music Hall facilities. Is it a little creepy to have a leather couch in the men's restroom? At one point does one feel the need to relax in the men's room?

Best question at the Quinn interview: "Don't you wish you had gone fishing like Joe [Thomas?]"

5:30 p.m.: New Orleans has to be thrilled that Tennessee wide receiver Robert Meachem was still on the board at No. 27. The Rams, Titans and Cowboys had shown a lot of interest in Meachem, who should excel in Sean Payton's offense.

I just received a phone call from Meachem's agent, so I'll have some thoughts from Robert in a few moments. By the way, Meachem enjoys rodeo.

5:28 p.m.: Obviously I'm not the type of person to remind anyone that I said the Cowboys would take Purdue defensive end Anthony Spencer in the first round. The Cowboys gave up the second-round pick they got from the Browns (36th), the 87th and the 159th picks to trade up and take Spencer.

You can do that type of thing when you enter the draft with 10 picks. Spencer was a kid they've liked for a long time. He's the type of player who should flourish in Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense. The Cowboys liked Spencer so much, they may have taken him at No. 22 if Quinn didn't start sliding.

4:53 p.m.: Good friend Keith Kidd of Scouts Inc. just fired us this assessment of the Brownies' deal with Dallas. He likes it.

"GM Phil Savage made an aggressive move by trading up to acquire Brady Quinn, their franchise quarterback of the future. The Browns gave up their No. 2 pick this year and No. 1 pick next season. The Browns are definitely the winners on the first day of the draft by acquiring two players that they had targeted at No. 3 in Joe Thomas and Quinn. Quinn possesses a fine blend of arm strength, size and intelligence. QB Charlie Frye will start the season as the top quarterback, but he hasn't solidified the starting spot and Quinn will get every chance to be the starter in 2007."

4:30 p.m.:
Jerry Jones took a bite out of the Browns. There's a good chance the Cowboys will have a top-10 pick in next year's draft now. I think Browns fans are happy to have a great left tackle and a franchise quarterback, but they'll pay a major price in next year's draft.

The Cowboys will try to take someone like Sidney Rice at receiver in the second round. They'll also look at some offensive linemen in the third round. They like Andy Alleman out of Akron quite a bit and the BC kid, James Marten.

4:21 p.m.:
The Browns finally got their man -- just 19 picks later than we thought. They give up their second-round pick today (36) and their 2008 first-round pick to get it done. This says a couple of things: First, Jerry Jones might be the happiest guy in the league right now. Entering the draft he would've been happy picking up an additional first-day pick. Now, he secures an additional second-round pick and could end up with a high pick in next year's draft. Cowboys fans should rejoice over this.

4:09 p.m.: OK, I'm back from securing audio gold from Joe Thomas' aunt and uncle, Tom and Mary Steinkraus. Mary's the most normal woman with a mohawk I've ever met. (See her picture down below.) The Jaguars got a great player at No. 21 in Reggie Nelson out of Florida. I know the Cowboys really liked him, but I don't think this bothered them that much.

Right now, the Cowboys are fielding calls from people trying to trade up and select Quinn. If Jerry can trade back in the first round and then secure an extra second-rounder, he'll do it in a heartbeat.

3:39 p.m.: Don in Cleveland writes: "As a diehard Browns fan and longtime Cleveland sufferer, I have to disagree with your assessment. Most of us were praying that the Browns selected an offensive lineman. We have been bereft of a a talented offensive line for over 20 years. We have never taken a lineman in the first round. We all feel that Quinn was way, way overrated. So do a little more homework when commenting on how Browns fans must be reacting. We'd love to have a guy who'd rather be fishing than sitting around in a room all day. That's a Cleveland kind of guy. We have plenty of offensive weapons and we could still use an upgrade at quarterback, but not Quinn and not at this year's No. 3."

Don, I hear what you're saying. I hope it works out for you. Maybe you could get one of those guys in the second round. Don't sleep on BYU's John Beck. He's the middle-aged quarterback still on the board.

3:36 p.m.: Jerry Jones said last week that the Cowboys had their quarterback of the future in Tony Romo, but what will he do if Quinn's still there at No. 22? Just talked to someone at Valley Ranch who said I shouldn't even worry about it. They're not taking a quarterback. The Cowboys could possibly convince the Chiefs to swap picks with them. The Chiefs could certainly use a quarterback. I'll keep you posted.

3:33 p.m.: Thought the Jags might take Brady Quinn at No. 17, but they traded it to the Broncos. Jarvis Moss is a solid pass-rusher, but he's not that effective against the run. I remember watching him play for Denton Ryan (Texas) High School a few years ago and he was already dominant. He completely overwhelmed Ohio State in the BCS title game and it probably vaulted him about 10 picks up the board. OK, I'm now being asked to go interview some fans.

I'll be back in a little bit.

3:20 p.m.: Did the Packers reach? The Packers' fan to my right is not inspired by the choice of Tennessee DT Justin Harrell at No. 16. Some of us thought Green Bay might go with another UT player, WR Robert Meachem. Rick Gosselin, my former officemate and draft genius of The Dallas Morning News, had Harrell going No. 27 to the Saints. McShay and Kiper both had him going at No. 23. So far, I think fans of the Browns, Dolphins and Packers have the biggest gripe.

3:06 p.m.:
Fins fans are hot. Our good friend Jeremy Green of Scouts Inc. has video reports after each pick. They are here for your viewing pleasure.

3:05 p.m.: Joe in Southern California is demanding to know when Brady Quinn will go. Well, it could happen right now with the Packers, although one of their scouts told me this morning that he thought Robert Meachem might be the guy. We'll know in less than eight minutes.

2:59 p.m.: Dr. John Anderson writes to suggest that I take Brady Quinn over to Carmine's for a late lunch. Here comes the Jets' pick: The Jets take Pitt cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The guy has a few bad habits, but he has a chance to be the best coverage guy in this draft. Revis is one of those guys that made a steady rise over the past couple of months.

2:52 p.m.: David Mecca just scolded me for saying something about Bruce Smith making the Bills' pick. On further review, it's probably a classy move to let the former Virginia Tech player announce that pick.

In other news, Carolina has traded its 14th overall pick and a sixth-round pick to the Jets for the 25th overall pick, the 59th and a pick in the fifth round. I think Carolina might come out pretty well in this thing. The fans here love what the Jets are doing, though.

2:49 p.m.:
I guess Keyshawn Johnson has gone on record saying the Panthers should take Brady Quinn. I'm sure Jake Delhomme appreciates the support. The Rams took Adam Carriker. I like the pick. As I've always said, no one plays with a rooted base like Carriker. I knew the 49ers liked him a lot, but they were in love with Willis.

Huge cheer just went up here when it was announced the Panthers had traded their pick to the Jets. Now, let's get to your e-mail.

2:38 p.m.: Things keep getting worse for Quinn. An usher just told me that the 51st Street stage bathroom overflowed just before Quinn and his agent Tom Condon arrived.

Special thanks to Ben Nix, who has been one of the league's top security guys for almost 30 years. Nix was kind enough to offer me a chocolate-covered strawberry as I was being asked to leave the Green Room area. And does anyone know why a woman in a Marion Barber jersey was in the Green Room?

OK, I'm about to address your e-mail now.

2:33 p.m.: Special note to my editor: I've heard from several e-mailers who are unhappy with your 1980s "Not!" references. Just wanted to pass this along.

In other news, I just spent the last hour or so standing just outside the Green Room. Two large men explained that I didn't have the proper "monogram" and asked me to wait outside.

Deion Sanders, who is wearing a brown suit with strange-looking tassels hanging in front, attempted to encourage Brady Quinn. An NFL Network producer showed up immediately after the interview and told Sanders what he should've asked. The NFL has now taken Quinn to a special suite reserved for quarterbacks who free-fall in the first round. And I know this isn't important right now, but why is Brady wearing two vests underneath his suit? Is this a new fashion trend that I somehow missed? Does he shop at Chess King at Town East Mall in Mesquite, Texas? Why is Bruce Smith announcing picks now? I know he played for the Bills, but Goodell's tricking this thing up. Surprised to see Lynch go so soon.

2:27 p.m. Joe Thomas goes fishin'. His aunt, Mary Steinkraus of Germantown, Wis., attends the draft. Go figure.

2:22 p.m.: This Quinn thing could get out of control. The Rams could take him at No. 13, Green Bay at No. 16 or Jacksonville at No. 17. But he could also keep sliding. What will Jerry Jones do if he's there at No. 22? I'm in the process of finding out. Back with Green Room notes is a moment.

2:13 p.m. Just got off the phone with our Scouts Inc. football expert Jeremy Green. He was stunned that the Fins passed on Quinn and went for Ginn. Said Green: "That's a horrible pick. How can you pick a receiver who is not tough and won't go over the middle over a franchise quarterback?" Green thinks Quinn could go to St. Louis at 13.

2:03 p.m.: Superagent Tom Condon and Quinn have just left the Green Room.

1:56 p.m. I am just outside the Green Room. That's where the big-time prospects huddle before venturing up to the big stage and the commish. People are milling about, staring at Quinn as if he were a zoo animal. The man does not look happy. Two very large men staring at me now. May have wrong credential for access. Help me.

1:50 p.m. Fins pass on Quinn! Any takers? Carolina? Jacksonville? Crowd stunned! Shocker!

1:38 p.m.: Bobby Petrino takes Jamaal Anderson over his former Louisville star Amobi Okoye at No. 8. Interesting. We'll find out more.

1:26 p.m.: The sound you are hearing is Brady Quinn falling, falling, falling ... to the Dolphins at No. 9?

1:24 p.m.: Who is that woman sitting with Quinn? She seems to be helping Brady get through these trying times. In case you somehow missed this, Brady's sister, Laura, is married to Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk, who is in the house today.

I'm thinking the Vikings take Quinn right here. I'm off to the Green Room.

1:16 p.m.: I've heard several people say that LSU safety LaRon Landry is the second-safest guy in the first round after Johnson. The Redskins could take him or Amobi Okoye here. Or they could sacrifice their 2008 first-round pick.

Here it comes: Redskins go with Landry. Man screaming behind us.

"I'm done for the day," he shouts. This is a good thing.

1:12 p.m.: Cowboys right guard Marco Rivera just called to say he thinks his team will go with a wide receiver at No. 22. Robert Meachem's the guy Marco likes, but I don't think he'll be there that late.

He also thinks his former team, the Packers, should take Lynch at No. 16. I'm about to go in search of the facilities. My capable and talented editor John Banks will cover for me for a few minutes.

Wingo and Co. getting some early love, by the way. Good to see college football analyst Mark May getting the call today. Anyone know where my guy Floyd Reese is? I assume he's over on ESPNEWS.

1:07 p.m.: I don't think we've heard the last of this one. Adams is the first defensive player the Bucs have taken since 1999, according to one of my editors. I still think Calvin Johnson could end up in Tampa Bay. And the Cardinals just took Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown.

They will now talk about how much better they thought Brown was than Joe Thomas.

And I could see two more offensive tackles going in the first round. A lot of mocks I looked at had Tony Ugoh of Arkansas going in the second round, but I think he and Staley will both go in the first.

12:59 p.m.: This from William Milby: "Matt, if Dallas does move up for some 'juice' who are we talking about? Ginn Jr., Peterson, Lynch? Your insight is appreciated."

William, unless Peterson begins to free-fall (not going to happen), Jerry's not moving up for anyone. The value in the first round is after the Cowboys' pick. They want to trade down to somewhere around No. 30, where San Diego's picking.

The Cowboys will not -- I repeat, WILL NOT -- take Ted Ginn Jr. I don't care if he slips into the second round. And Lynch isn't worth trading up for.

12:50 p.m.: Did you see the failed smile on Brady Quinn's face? I can't wait to see the shot of Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas in his fishing boat. I'm thinking this pick hasn't inspired the city of Cleveland.

12:41 p.m.: Hey, remember to tell me where you're from on the e-mails. Timothy writes, "Keyshawn's first grab at attention. We all know Jon Gruden loves big wide receivers. He might as well have arched his eyebrows and lifted his arms in the air and said, 'Hey, me, right here, remember me, I was in the Super Bowl!.' Whoever put him on the A-team for ESPN is a genius."

Tim, thanks for sharing. I've had the opportunity to get to know Keyshawn pretty well over the past few years and I can tell you that he's using this experience to help him decide whether or not he's going to retire. Just from our last phone conversation, I think he's leaning toward walking away. Then, he'll have more time to focus on letting folks know why he should be in the Hall of Fame.

12:34 p.m.: Stay tuned on this one, folks. Calvin Johnson knows not to get used to that Lions jersey. I do know one scout in Detroit that is desperately trying to convince Matt Millen to stick with Johnson right now.

12:32 p.m.: Just checked the e-mail box and you guys are on fire. I'll be answering your questions as the afternoon goes by.

Here comes the Detroit pick.

12:25 p.m.: JaMarcus planted awkward half-man hug on Goodell, who may not have much practice with this.

Russell holding up his No. 1 jersey and posing with several family members.

Just fielded a call from a Lions scout. Don't be surprised at all if they take Calvin Johnson here. I think they want to take him and then try to trade down. Look for the Bucs to get involved.

Keyshawn's holding up well on the ESPN telecast. Just received a text message from him indicating that all is well.

As of 12:25 EST, I have not been asked to join the broadcast.

12:20 p.m.: Oakland selects JaMarcus Russell ... with five minutes to spare. But where is JaMarcus? The commish is waiting on stage. Uncomfortable moment.

12:17 p.m.: I expect the Raiders to take the full 15 minutes before choosing JaMarcus Russell. If Cleveland would give up Kamerion Wimbley, they could have Russell right now. ESPN using Suzy on the floor in the early going.

Russell has a poker face right now. I'd go ask him a really in-depth question like, "What's going through your mind right now?" but I'm trapped between two of the top editors at ESPN.com and I don't want crawl over them.

Mario Williams, who is on my floor at the W, is being interviewed right now. The NFL Network guy conducting the interview is sort of a poor man's Steve Levy. No questions yet about Williams' recent joyride.

12:12 p.m.: Line from an ESPN anchor who wants to remain anonymous: "The Dolphins will trade Culpepper for a bag of coffee grounds."

Trey, leave me alone!

12:10 p.m. We're moments away from the start of the draft and Saints kicker Billy Cundiff just checked in to say he was monitoring the blog. For some reason, I've always been big with punters and kickers. Cowboys Pro Bowl punter Mat McBriar will be checking in with comments a little later. Will the Cowboys draft Baylor great Daniel Sepulveda to push McBriar?

Sepulveda, a two-time Ray Guy award winner, will be the first punter off the board. He actually uses the same end-over-end trick that McBriar has made famous.

Guy in an Eli Manning jersey reading over my shoulder. Making me nervous.

Noon: Just talked to a source with the Raiders who confirmed that JaMarcus Russell will indeed be the No. 1 overall pick. And he doesn't think a trade will take place.

I also just got a call from former Baylor great Trey Wingo, who thinks the Raiders could be making a colossal mistake. Wingo rarely shares these hardcore opinions on ESPN's Wingo Live, but he'll do it on the blog.

Look for Wingo and his crew to show up this afternoon when things start to die down a little bit. The man continues to carry this network.

11:42 a.m.: Deion Sanders has taken the stage and is shouting for no apparent reason. He just introduced Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams, who shared an elevator with my wife this morning.

Adams is resplendent in a navy suit and a blue dress shirt with a white collar. Fans are now booing Brady Quinn and I'm not sure why. Adams, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, JaMarcus Russell and Quinn are all going with fairly conservative looks at this point.

I have the privilege of sitting next to my boss, Patrick Stiegman, who's using a 1680 x 1050 HD screen, which is dwarfing my sad Dell Latitude D620.

Stiegman has just asked for my mug shot to be taken down from our NFL site.

11:41 a.m.: Watched a little of Roger Goodell's interview with the NFL Network gang before the Virginia Tech news conference. I think he was thrown off by having to wear a mic usually reserved for Justin Timberlake. And the interview got off to an uneven start when Mike Mayock started off with a monologue that didn't really end with a question. Mooch and Mayock wanted to ask the new commissioner about his tough conduct stance, but they had a tough time getting around to it.

11:36 p.m.: Just returned from a news conference where Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer and former Hokies greats Bruce Smith, DeAngelo Hall and Michael Vick spoke.

"We're coming back together and we're going to be stronger," Beamer said in response to the shooting rampage in Blacksburg on April 16. "We're going to be tighter than we've ever been ... I'm proud of our students. How they spoke and how mature they spoke."

Vick said, "We won't let this one guy affect everything we've worked for at this school."

Said Smith: "There's a healing process that no one can place a time on."

Beamer will make an appearance with commissioner Roger Goodell a few minutes before the draft begins at noon.

All three players talked about "Hokie pride" and said coming to New York was therapeutic experience for them.

11:21 a.m.: Organ music giving draft circus feel.

10:55 a.m.: Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer is going to have a news conference here in about five minutes. The NFL plans a ceremony to pay respect to the school's shooting victims. Michael Vick is supposed to be there. Lots of interesting Vick news lately. Developing.

10:41 a.m.: I just heard Hall of Famer Steve Young humming a song from "The Sound of Music" behind me and Boomer's rehearsing his opening. For some reason, they're pumping organ music in here. I think we're hearing a little Phantom at this point. And nothing gets you more fired up for a draft than some Broadway tunes.

All the fans are still milling around out front.

Joe Thomas' aunt and uncle, Tom and Mary, are wearing "Gone fishin'" T-shirts in honor of their nephew. And Aunt Mary has her hair in a mohawk with the NFL logo in the side. Oh, in case you didn't hear, Joe is skipping out on the draft and will spend the day fishing in Wisconsin.

10:30 a.m.: Ed Werder just checked in from the omelet station in Oakland. He's reporting via cell phone that the Raiders have been approached with two "serious offers." They've been talking to the Browns about trading down for multiple picks, but the Browns balked when Oakland asked for defensive end Kamerion Wimbley. The teams have discussed several players, including Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

Ed also informed this yet-to-be-named blog that the Raiders are aggressively trying to trade Randy Moss, but folks from Moss' camp say it's probably not going to happen. Much, much more to come.

1:22 a.m.: According to this report in the Miami Herald, the Cowboys called Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson on Friday to confirm his cell phone number. I wouldn't read too much into this unless you feel like it.

But if Peterson and his shaky collarbone start sliding, Jerry Jones could get trigger-happy.

In other Cowboys news, my guys in San Diego are still sad that Wade Phillips isn't their head coach.

OK, let's talk in the morning.

1 a.m.: Just talked to one of the best college scouts in the league. He said the Chargers would love to see Texas safety Michael Griffin fall to No. 30. And I don't think A.J. Smith will hesitate to trade up a few spots if he finds a safety or wide receiver he likes. I'm sure Jerry Jones has already placed a call to Smith about trading down.

Can you imagine how good the Chargers could be with a true No. 1 wide receiver? They might be willing to make a strong offer to get their hands on Dwayne Bowe or Robert Meachem.

12:08 a.m.: I now have two text messages from veteran players today saying they're fed up with NFLPA chief Gene Upshaw. Much more to come on this issue.

Mavs in big trouble against Golden State. Absolutely ridiculous. Warriors playing like the No. 1 seed.

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