Quinn focusing on the positives

Graham Bensinger interviewed high-profile prospects, including Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn, before last weekend's NFL draft. Today, he checks in with Quinn for his post-draft reaction.

Graham Bensinger: What'd you think of draft week?

Brady Quinn: Looking back on it, it was a little disappointing seeing the way that I dropped. I never expected that to happen, but in the end, I was extremely excited to be in Cleveland, which was one of the places that I really wanted to be. Did I feel like it was a bad experience? Not necessarily. I met a lot of great people. It was fun being there with my family and friends. In the end, I was happy with how everything worked out.

Bensinger: Having visited with a variety of teams, how misled, if at all, did you feel by particular organizations?

Quinn: A couple of the teams I felt pretty misled by. When they talk to you, they say certain things … That was one thing I learned from A.J. [Hawk] and coach Weis. They both said that you can't believe a lot of what these people are saying. It doesn't matter if it's a coach or anyone else. They could be saying it to see if it gets out, as a smoke screen, or because that's how they really feel. There are a lot of things said with very little credibility behind them. Fortunately, I had great advice from a lot of different people.

Bensinger: You're sitting in the greenroom waiting to be drafted. How do you try to avoid looking dazed and bored when you're just sitting there knowing that the cameras are rolling on you live?

Quinn: It's tough. You obviously have to keep the conversation going because there's really not a lot going on back there, which is one of the toughest things. To sit back there and have the camera be on you when the team isn't going to take a QB. Why would a camera be on you? What's going to happen here? Some of the way that it was filmed didn't really make sense. The way it's presented doesn't make sense.

You have to make sure you realize that the overall outcome of the draft is going to be a positive one. You're getting an opportunity to go play in a sport that you love to play for a career. You have to be excited about it!

Bensinger: What did you do to try to keep busy?

Quinn: We just talked about things like scenarios. It was an eventful draft so seeing how the picks worked out and talking to everyone was fun.

Bensinger: How was your agent Howard Skall handling it?

Quinn: (laughs) I think Howard was handling it well. A lot of people thought the stopping point was going to be Miami, so once we got past that I think everyone was wondering what's going to happen now. Everyone in their own way was a little bit shocked. We were thinking we might be here for a while because past Miami there really wasn't a team that needed a quarterback.

Bensinger: Your girlfriend and mom were on opposite sides of you in the greenroom. Who comforted whom?

Quinn: It was more me comforting them. I came into the situation realizing that it was definitely a possibility that the draft could go how it did based on what's transpired in the past. Quarterback is a position where if you don't need it, you aren't going to take one. You don't waste your first-round pick on a QB unless you feel you need him. Fortunately, Cleveland was able to get a LT and a QB in the first round.

Bensinger: The highlight of your week had to be seeing Serena Williams at the ESPN NFL Draft Party on Friday night.

Quinn: That was fun …

Bensinger: She's really muscular!

Quinn: She is … I didn't realize who it was until I saw her face. The highlight of the trip was actually meeting so many great people, including Andre Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Tom Brady and Michael Strahan.

Bensinger: What did you think of JaMarcus Russell dancing on stage with Fat Joe?

Quinn: (laughs) That's more his style. That's more his personality. I'm just glad that he was up there enjoying himself and having a fun time.

Bensinger: You say everything so politically correct. When did you know Cleveland was actually going to select you?

Quinn: That's the thing … I really didn't. The Browns told me Friday night that they weren't going to take me at the 3-spot. They said that they were going to take Joe [Thomas] and that was the direction that they were going. They didn't want me to be surprised. We knew beforehand that I wasn't going to be going there and I really felt that Miami was the place that I'd likely end up, with an outside shot at Tampa or Minnesota based on how the coaches felt. Once we got past Miami, we really didn't know who it would be. We kind of thought it would be Kansas City or someone trading up. I had a lengthy conversation with Baltimore during the majority of that 22nd pick. Then, right when I got off the phone, with about a minute left on the pick, the Cleveland Browns said that they were trading [up] right now and picking me with this pick. It was crazy how the turn of the events worked out.

Bensinger: Other than the Browns, did any other teams that you visited let you know the night before the draft of their intentions?

Quinn: The Browns were the only one and it was out of respect. We'd visited at length and they knew I wanted to go there. [Browns GM] Phil Savage really just made a classy move. He said we don't want you to be upset, we don't want you to be surprised, and prepare your family and friends.

Bensinger: After you were drafted, what transpired?

Quinn: You get to a point where you're just trying to catch your breath. You pretty much hit up every major media outlet at the draft, have a press conference, and then you're whisked away. After that, I went back to the hotel and got my mom, dad, little sister and girlfriend and we all flew out to Cleveland.

Bensinger: Private jet?

Quinn: Yeah.

Bensinger: Flying in style.

Quinn: Of course.

Bensinger: Where are you now?

Quinn: I'm actually in South Bend now. I was in Cleveland all day on Sunday. I'll be here for about another two days until I go to Cleveland for the minicamp.

Bensinger: What went on while you were in Cleveland?

Quinn: More media, photo ops, and things of that nature with the other first-round picks. Then, we just got to know the coaches. I got a supplemental playbook from them. We also actually looked around at some homes.

Bensinger: How strange is it to consider that two of the projected top five best players of the 2007 draft now reside with the same team?

Quinn: It's crazy to think that! Cleveland had an unbelievable draft. For a team to get both of us in the same round is a steal.

Graham Bensinger is a regular contributor to ESPN.com. Visit his Web site at: TheGBShow.com. You can e-mail him at graham@thegbshow.com