2008 Scouts Inc. Live Mock Draft

ESPN.com's 12th annual interactive mock draft is completed. For more draft coverage, check out Draft Central.

Moderator: Not a lot of suspense in the No. 1 pick. But for the record, SportsNation didn't like it. Back when we did the fan's mock draft, SportsNation thought Miami should take QB Matt Ryan. Instead, its taking Michigan OT Jake Long.

Moderator: But let's get things going and see if Matt Williamson, who is our Miami GM today, agrees.

Moderator: Big shock, right? Quick question from Bryan (city and state unknown so his boss won't see he's not doing his work) who wonders if now that Miami has selected Jake Long, can the Rams start negotiating with a player? Chris Mortensen reported yesterday the commissioner said the Rams are not allowed to negotiate or get a deal done with anyone. Maybe it's because what fun would it be if all the top players were already signed, sealed and delivered? Where's the suspense in that?

Moderator: So, who do you guys like at No. 2 for the Rams?

Brendan (Boston) says says: It's gotta be Dorsey. They drafted DE last year in the first round. Tie up that whole D-line.

BJ (Colorado) says: I think they take Glen Dorsey. I think the Rams have had their eyes on Dorsey from the get go.

Moderator: And for the record, we're playing this as though Scouts Inc. guys are making the picks for each team. So there will be some "we" and "I" thrown in. There will be some trades made here. Will it happen this weekend? Who knows. But this is what the Scouts Inc. NFL crew sees as the best moves for these teams.

Moderator: Now, with the Rams' pick ....

Moderator: Just an FYI ... SportsNation liked Jake Long here, although the state of Missouri was in favor of Chris Long.

Moderator: Atlanta is on the clock ....

Steve Blecha (San Fransciso) says:
With that Rams pick, I think it's clear the Falcons HAVE to trade back here, secure more ammo for moving back into the first and drafting Flacco or Henne! They have plenty of picks on the first day and this deal won't handicap them for next year.

Cole (Mesa, AZ) says: Atlanta will draft Glenn Dorsey ... no way they believe Matt Ryan is a franchise quarter back, when they can pick up Joe Flacco or Chad Henne later in the draft.

Moderator: SportsNation loved Darren McFadden here, although the good folks in Georgia say it should be Glenn Dorsey. Keith Kidd is playing GM of Atlanta, so send a few questions for Keith about Atlanta and he'll answer them after we get his pick.

Dan (Maine) says:
So, just for the record, is this draft what the teams SHOULD do, or what you think they would do?

Moderator: Thanks for asking ... this is what Scouts Inc. thinks the team should do. It may be different than what you've seen in other mock drafts or what happens on Saturday. Of course, that doesn't mean we're wrong.

Moderator: And now ... here comes Atlanta's pick.

David (Cincinnati) asks:
If you're Atlanta why not try to trade back to either New Orleans or Cincinnati, both who would love to get there hands on Dorsey, and stockpile picks?

Keith Kidd: David, Great point, however teams are reluctant to try to move up and get in the top 4 picks in the draft based on what it costs to go up as far as dollars and picks. If you're Atlanta and you have the player on the board who at No. 3 may be the best player in the draft, why go back when you already have 11 picks and you may not get a player you want.

Kellen in Oklahoma asks: Why didn't the Falcons take McFadden?

Keith Kidd: Because they added Michael Turner as a free agent and had Jerious Norwood who is an excellent change of pace back in '06. The area of strength in Atlanta is definitely the RB position.

Hunter (Rochester) says: :Keith: Great call. I think the Falcons should use their second-round picks to trade up into the first round and snag Brian Brohm. He was a top 5 pick last year and he is still just as good. Look for Brohm to be a steal late in the first round!

Moderator: Now, on to your thoughts on Oakland's pick at No. 4.

Evan (Miami, FL) says: The Raiders have a no-brainer at No. 4. If they do not take McFadden, I will eat my left foot!

David (Darien) says: If rhyme or reason ruled in Oakland instead of Al Davis, the pick would have to be Vernon Gholston. His talent and versatility takes the defense from solid to potentially dominant. All that being said, even with all that's already invested at RB, Davis will probably take Darren McFadden.

Moderator: SportsNation wanted Chris Long to end up in Oakland, especially those in California. But now that he's gone, let's see who the Raiders select.

Donald (Missouri) says:
McFadden! McFadden! McFadden! For the love of all that is holy! Oakland take McFadden here!

Moderator: I think Donald is happy.

Jason (San Jose) asks: McFadden Why? many people forget that the Raiders have a running back who was a beast coming out of college and was a number one pick in Bush! They have not yet let him prove himself. So why not let him prove himself and improve your D-Line which is a must for the Raiders and pick up Gholston?

Ken Moll: Al Davis loves speed and athletes and based off my projection, I had Darren McFadden as being the best player in this year's draft. So you always take the best player over need. This is still a value draft right now as there are 6 or 7 guys at the top that are a cut above the rest, so you take the best player available.

John (Mission Viejo, Calif) asks: Any thought of the Raiders trading down?

Ken Moll: Obviously there was, but we stick to our board and pick the best available player. McFadden gives us a dynamic playmaker. And let's face it, we have a rookie QB in JaMarcus Russell, and even though he got play time late in the year, we'll have to depend heavily on run game this year. Even though we have an abundance of backs, it's hard to pass on the best player in the draft.

Moderator: Kansas City is on the clock ... What should they do?

Marcus (Greensboro) says: This is easy with the trade of Allen ... time to replace him with Goulston. No brainer or this is a good place to trade with Baltimore or Carolina or a team that covets Ryan.

Steve (Chicago) says:
The Chiefs need Ryan Clady. Badly.

John (Ames, IA) says: Now that Jared Allen is gone they have a need at D End. Take Vernon Gholston and fill the hole there. Although the Chiefs sadly seem to have holes at every position.

Moderator: So what do the Chiefs do?

Moderator: We have our first trade of the day!

New Orleans trades its first-round pick (No. 10 overall) and next year's No. 1 to Kansas City for its first-round pick (No. 5) and its fifth-round pick (No. 140).

Why Kansas City moved down (Jeremy Green, Scouts Inc.): I originally tried to engage Baltimore, but the Ravens said they needed players and couldn't afford to surrender picks. Offensive line is the Chiefs' biggest need and there is no O-line value at No. 5, so it makes sense to trade back and we can still probably get the O-lineman we're targeting.

Why New Orleans moved up (Matt Williamson, Scouts Inc.): While we didn't get the guy we originally wanted (Dorsey) when we tried to trade up earlier, we still get one of the top guys on the board. Yes, surrendering next year's No. 1 hurts, but we believe we can make a run this year and getting an elite player improves our status as a playoff contender.

Moderator: So New Orleans is on the clock ....

Jeff asks:
Can the Chiefs get that much for the pick? Would it be in the Chiefs interest to get more picks in this draft and not next year?

Matt Williamson: I don't think will have a very good year and this is more than a one-season rebuilding process. So picking up picks in next year's draft, especially No. 1 picks, will help them in the long run.

Kevin (Edison NJ) asks:
As a Saints fan giving up next years #1 to me is just a stupid move. They could have stayed put and picked McKelvin or Rivers. Why give up next year's #1?

Matt Williamson: Comes back to defensive tackles. Game-changing DTs are different than everyone else. Outside of QB, there is no harder position to find game-changing players than DE. If Ellis lives up to expectations, the secondary benefits, the linebackers benefit and the other D-linemen benefit. He's one of the few players who can make other 10 player around him better. Rivers is good prospect, but not a game-changer like Ellis, plus they added some proven playmakers already at LB in Morgan and Vilma. Ellis is a special player and yes, it was costly, but ultimately will be worth the price.

Moderator: The New York Jets are on the clock ...

Eric says:
The Jets do not need a quarterback, they have two that have started. We have a big arm in Clemens and an accurate arm in Pennington. Bot of them are excellent qauarterbacks when given more than 3 seconds to throw, which our new offensive line will allow. We need another pass rusher to compliment Calvin.

Justin (Queens, NY) says: Jets need to trade down here. With McFadden, Dorsey and Long off the board, they should try and get two picks from Dallas. Gholston is not consistant enough to warrant a top 10 pick.

Brian (Providence, RI) says:
Gholston is a no-brainer for the Jets here. While McFadden would have been nice, Gholston helps to sure up the pass rush...AND we keep him off the Pats.

Moderator: Speaking of New England ... The Patriots are on the clock.

Moderator: But first, one last thought on the Jets courtesy of Omar (Davidson):
Gholston's a good fit for the defense, but they should've moved up to get McFadden!

Moderator: And with New England on the clock, we have the second trade of the day:

Baltimore trades its first-round pick (No. 8) and its fourth-round pick (No. 106) to New England for its first-round pick (No. 7)

Why New England moved down (Ken Moll, Scouts Inc.): The Patriots are always in the business of adding picks and seeing how there is no danger of losing the player we target, it's a no-brainer to step back one spot for an extra fourth-round pick.

Why Baltimore moved up (Keith Kidd, Scouts Inc.): Could we have stayed there? Probably. But why risk someone else calling New England and sneaking in to get the guy we want. It only cost a fourth-round pick (and we have two) to make sure we get our QB of the future.

Moderator: And with the pick ... the Ravens select:

Jon (Baltimore) asks:
I dont understand why the Ravens would move up. Especially if they were to draft a QB. And honestly, I dont even see what is so special about Matt Ryan, he looks like the next QB bust. As a Ravens fan, I would rather see McKelvin or Rodgers-Cromartie taken at 8 or move back to accumulate more draft picks and fill more needs and depth rather than wasting 2 picks and a lot of money on Ryan.

Keith Kidd: You just don't pass up a franchise QB. I thought about the corners at that point if we were stuck at No. 8 if Ryan wasn't sitting there, but in order to take a corner we'd have to go back in the draft based on the value we had for the corners. As for Ryan, he had great arm strength, leadership and toughness. He can step in to compete right away and showed show much growth playing in a pro system at BC. And you just can't pass on a franchise QB.

David (Walton NY) says:
Getting the best QB in the draft at this point was the best thing for the Ravens, who I think were much better than their 5-11 record last year.

Phil (Cologne, Germany) says:
I don't trust this whole Ryan-hype. I think the better solution would have been McKelvin now and then moving up in the mid 20s to take Henne. You shouldn't dismiss Troy Smith either.

Tom (Johnstown PA) says:
I love this pick from the Ravens. Obviously they are thrilled to have Ryan and after the failed Kyle Boller and Steve McNair experiments, I can finally say we have a quarterback of the future.

Moderator: New England is back on the clock ...

Fred (Edison NJ) says: Everyone seems to like a corner for this pick but I really think Belicheck might grab Keith Rivers. His linebackers are ancient and Rivers would be a great player in New England for years to come.

Mario (Sacramento) says: The Pats should and probably would trade the pick to get some more bodies they are good at getting value in the late rounds i.e. Tom Brady.

Moderator: By the way, SportsNation likes Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie here for the Pats ....

Jesse (Rochester, NY) says: Since I'll just be sitting here watching the draft for a while, can I be allowed to pretend I am the Browns' GM for the sake of your mock draft?

Moderator: Speaking of Ohio, Cincinnati is on the clock.

Charlie (Boston) says:
Love the New England pick, Rivers fits in well with Thomas and Vrabel and Seau and Bruschi.

Justin (Storrs, Ct) says:
I really think a CB would have been a smarter move here. I think the loss of Samuel is going to be the biggest weakness to the Pats defense this year not their aging LB's. Yes hes a playmaker, but Cromartie or Talib would have been the better pick to solidfy the passing defense not LB.

Andrew (North Carolina) says:
As a Pats fan, I think this is a good pick. CB wouldn't be a bad pick either, but I feel that LB is the more urgent need.

Moderator: Now on to the Bengals' pick.

Moderator: Kansas City is back on the clock ...

J.T. (Columbia, MO) says: The Chiefs should now take Brandon Albert, who Kiper has us taking at #5. Even if he busts as a LT, he's still the best guard in the draft.

Moderator: Buffalo on the clock ....

Steve (Rochester, NY) says:
The easy pick here for Buffalo is to go WR. Edwards needs someone to throw the ball to. The word out of western NY is to go with Devin Thomas out of Michigan State. I like it.

Brendan (Washington, DC) says:
I don't necessarily believe the Bills should feel pressured into taking a WR like Devin Thomas with their pick. They are in need of help at CB since the loss of Nate Clements. There is no help on the other side of Terrence McGee and Cromartie or McKelvin could help out that secondary.

Moderator: Denver is on the clock ... and SportsNation said the Broncos should take Limas Sweed, while those in Colorado were pulling for Ryan Clady.

Greg (Denver) says:
I know everyone says the Broncos will take a OT with the first pick, but they have traditionally found OL later in the draft. The one time they selected one in the 1st round, George Foster, he was a bust. So who will they REALLY pick?

Chris (Ashland, Ore) says: Ppssst. The only picks that make any sense here are Chris Williams, Rashard Mendenhall or Johnathan Stewart.

Moderator: And the Broncos pick ....

Chris (Denver) says:
Mayo? I dunno...Mike Shannahan LOVES offense, and trading down to still get Mendenhall or Stewart is tempting.

Sean (Milwaukee) says:
Mayo is not worth that high of a pick-in most drafts he wouldn't even be a first round pick.

Nick (Raleigh) says:
If the draft looks like this by the time the Panthers are on the clock, I have a hard time seeing them not taking Chris Williams if they don't trade down.

Moderator: The Panthers are on the clock ....

JT says:
Otah is the obvious pick here for the Panthers. I don't think RB is the right call when you went RB in round 1 just 2 years ago. They're not as high on Chris Williams and won't take him with Otah on the board.

Chris (Maine) says:
Run on RBs? Mendenhall to Carolina...Stewart to Chicago.

Moderator: Just to keep this moving, let's add da Bears' pick now ...

Brandon (Detroit) says: Here we go again, another highly questionable Millen pick...pray for us.

Moderator: OK...Jeremy Green to answer a few questions about the last few picks.

Dan (Chicago) asks: While Williams is a good pick, I disagree. The Bears needed Mendenhall with this pick. Benson is a bust, we needed someone that knowns Ron Turner's system.

Jeremy Green: I think you make a great point in that Mendenhall has a relationship with Turner and knows the system, but the best player for them to take is Chris Williams. Their offensive line is not good and that's a big reason why they can't run the ball and protect the QB.
We'll get Detroit on the clock and ready to roll and then answer a few questions from Jeremy Green.

Tyler (Sacramento) asks:: Through 15 picks, not a single corner has been taken?? Jerry Jones must be giddy at this point.

Jeremy Green: The three top corners are all small-school players and there is a little bit of an unknown there. Everyone's draft board is probably different on the top four CBs, so that explains why they're falling a little. There will be a run before long.

Mike (Phoenix) asks:
Any chance the Cowboys use there 2 picks in a blockbuster deal to get Chad Johnson or Boldin from AZ? Cowboys need a good young WR with Owens and Glenn gettin older

Jeremy Green: No. Chad Johnson is staying in Cincinnati. Which is ridiculous in istelf, but that's a rant for another time. But let's just say they're the Bengals for a reason. But if they could find a way to get it done for Boldin or even Roy Williams, who is an unrestricted free agent next season and could leave Detroit without the Lions getting anything for him, it would be a great deal. But I don't think any of those guys go anywhere.

Moderator: OK....Now we got Arizona on the clock.

Adam (Phoenix) says:
Arizona should take Oregon running back Johnathan Stewart. Look what happend to Shawn Alexander when he hit 30, and Edge is close to hitting that wall from overuse as well, taking a fresh pair of legs will make Matt Leinhart that much better

Sean (Milwaukee) says:
Talib got burned too often in college. The better pick would be Cromartie here.

Moderator: Kansas City is back on the clock.

J.T. (Columbia, MO) says:
With No. 17 will the Chiefs take a replacement for Allen? Phillip Merling? I think they take Rodgers-Cromartie to replace Ty Law. They still might be able to get Lawrence Jackson in the 2nd round.

Jereme (York, NE) says:
With the 17th pick, the Chiefs need to pick up a corner. Who s the best one left on the board? Jenkins, McKelvin, or Rodgers-Cromartie.

Paul says:
The Chiefs already grabbed an offensive lineman at pick #10. I think Merling is a good fit for them at 17 to try and fill the gap left by Jared Allen.

Moderator: And the Chiefs select ...

Chiefs Fan (Alabama) says: They needed to pick up McKelvin at #17 with Law (already gone) and Surtain are not spring chickens and the top tackles are now gone.

Steve (Tulsa) says: If we come away with Albert and McKelvin and the Saints' #1 pick next year, I'll be quite impressed. With a rough year as a Chiefs fan looming, at least we can root for the Saints to tank.

Moderator: The Houston Texans are on the clock and for what it's worth, SportsNation wanted Clady for the Texans here, while those in Texas actually want Mike Jenkins.

Tim (Houston) says:
The only picks that make any sense for the Texans are Jonathan Stewart and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. All the OTs going early really hurts.

Derek (Lincoln) says:
I think the Texans need to look RB now or in round 2. Ahman Green is starting to get older and this class has some capable RB's in it.

Moderator: And the pick is ...

Moderator: Philadelphia is now on the clock.

Brian (Jacksonville) says:
Yes the Texans need fresh legs, but with Rodgers-Cromartie still on the board the must take him. In the AFC you need depth at DB.

Nick (Greenwich, CT) says:
The Philadelphia Eagles will be busy on draft day as they try to trade away Lito Sheppard. If they don't get what they want, the safe pick at 19 is to go with Devin Thomas! If not, Andy Reid will try to booster up their defense.

Dave (Philadelphia) says:
I know Andy is infatuated with lineman, and he's not the best player available, but James Hardy would be the perfect big red-zone target for this West Coast Offense, complementing Reggie Brown and moving Kevin Curtis to the slot.

Kevin (Haddonfield, NJ) says:

Moderator: And the pick is ...

Moderator: By the way, SportsNation -- and those in Pennsylvania -- wanted WR James Hardy there.

Joe (Philly) says:
The Eagles always think 2-3 years ahead at the draft. I would not be surprised at all to see Stewart taken here as an eventual replacement for Westbrook.

Eddy says:
The Eagles suprised everybody by selecting a QB last year and this year they do it again and select Jonathan Stewart to provide a 1-2 punch with Westbrook.

Tyler (Mill Grove, PA) says: Like the Devin Thomas pick but only if he gets a chance to play right away. Donovan said yesterday they need to draft playmakers that can make an immediate impact.

Moderator: Now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock. SportsNation says it's Mike Jenkins hereand the state of Florida is pulling for Jenkins also.

Eric (Tampa) says: As much as we need a speedy wide out there is NO way we can pass on a talent like Mike Jenkins. Best corner in this draft.

Moderator: And the pick is ....

Kevin (San Francisco) says:
Jenkins was a must for Tampa.

Moderator: The Washington Redskins are on the clock.

Andy says:
With the top OL & CBs gone and Devin Thomas off the board, the Skins have to grab Merling to help out the DL!

Rob (Greenville, MS) says:
Redskins go for James Hardy? They have to be interested to offer picks for Ohco Cinco, right?

Donnie (ATL) says: I think the Redskins take a reach and go after Kentwan Balmer. What a beast to add to the nasty Redskin D.

Moderator: And the pick is ...

Moderator: The Cowboys are on the clock for the first of their two first-round picks.

Tyrell (Fenny) says:
The Redskins don't need a DE with this pick, should have gone with a big TE.

Brennan says: Jerry Jones has to love that solid running backs are still on the board. Stewart seems like a good pick here.

Luis (SB, CA) says: Am I the only one who thinks the Cowboys should NOT draft a RB this high? They obviously like Barber for the future and taking a complement RB this high is foolish.

Moderator: SportsNation says the Cowboys should take Felix Jones and those in Texas agree. But one interesting note from SportsNation is that it ranks Jones as the seventh-best back in the draft behind McFadden, Mendenhall, Jonathan Stewart, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles.

Moderator: But now it's on the Cowboys and they pick ...

John (NJ) says:
The Cowboys must adress wide receiver here at #22 and then take the best corner at #28. It is too high to take a running back with solid running backs remaining to take in the second round. Chris Johnson would be a great fit in the second round for Dallas. Fastest running back in the draft, perfect thunder and lightning with Barber.

Gary (Seattle) says:
The Cowboys have to take a running back. Barber takes a lot of punishment, they need a capable backup.

Moderator: Pittsburgh is now on the clock.

Michael (Pittsburgh) says: No great value for OL here, the Steelers should take Jonathan Stewart. Him and Parker would form an elite tandem.

Keith (Tallahassee) says:
Steelers can go so many ways with this one, but Balmer is a great fit and best value.

Brennan (PHIL) says:
Pittsburgh should go with Cherilus, a big OT to beef up the thinned out O-line.

Porter (Boston) says: The Steelers will not pass on Kentwan Balmer at this spot. He is too big, strong and athletic to last much longer in the draft and will fill in gaps on their defense.

Moderator: And the pick is ...

Rabits (Cleveland) says:
I love this pick. Balmers versatile enough that he can probably play end in the 3-4.

Tim (Beckley, WV) says: Thats a horrible pick for the Steelers. Faneca gone and Smith having chronic back pain. We give up 47 sacks and you pick a DT? Good grief.

Moderator: Tennessee is on the clock.

Justin (Sacramento) says: I believe the Titans need to go WR. Young needs a weapon to stretch the feild to open the pasing game, I say SWEED!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin (Ridgefield,CT) says: The Titans have no choice but to draft offensive tackle Sam Baker from USC here because both their tackles are set to hit free agency and they have already lost Jacob Bell.

Richard (Music City) says:
The Titans are a running football team, not a passing team. They need a big time back. Jonathan Stewart is staring them in the face. Lendale did not show up for all of offseason workouts AGAIN.

Moderator: SportsNation was hoping for Devin Thomas here, but the top six receiving prospects, accoring to SportsNation are still available in Mario Manningham, DeSean Jackson, Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelly, Early Doucet and James Hardy.

Moderator: And the pick is ...

Moderator: And to keep it moving, Seattle takes:

Richard (Music City) says: I just threw up in my mouth. Wow, we (Tennessee) have a questionable character kick returner. I'm thrilled.

Doug (College Station) says:
I have to agree with this pick. Tennessee needs speed at WR. Plus he immediately upgrades our KR/PR unit.

David (Seattle) says:
With Alexander out of the picture, teh top tackles gone, and an elite talent like Stewart on the board, any other direction for the Seahawks would be foolish.

Chris (Colchester) says:
The Seahawks need a TE, but why not get an immediate all-pro and trade the pick for Shockey?

Brock (Las Vegas) says:
Great pick for Seattle. I got to see Fred play in person when I went to Pasadena to watch the Rose Bowl, and man, what an athlete he is. The Seahawks should be happy getting such a solid, athletic TE this late in the first round.

Moderator: The Jaguars are on the clock.

Ryan (Pontiac) says:
What is Jacksonville going to do? I know they really need help on the D-Line, but I'm not seeing many worth taking this low in the first round. They need Jason Taylor.

Brian (Jacksonville) says:
Jaguars need D-line players. I'd love to get some O-line help with Gosder Cherilus but I think you have to roll the dice and take Calais Campbell. There is risk wth Calais but it is value and a need.

Brendan (Gainesville) says:
The Jags have the 3rd toughest schedule. We play great quarterbacks. As Vic Ketchman says: "The quarterback must go down, the quarterback must go down hard!"

Moderator: The Chargers are on the clock.

Josh says:
The Chargers need to replace Michael Turner. Johnathon Stewart would be PERFECT here.

Michael (Anaheim) says:
If Stewart really falls to 27, I'd love for the Chargers to take him as LT's heir apparent. Otherwise, depth on the OL is the biggest need, so they should grab Gosder Cherilus out of BC if available.

Moderator: The Cowboys are on the clock for their second pick in the first round.

Moderator: SportsNation voted for Leodis McKelvin for the Cowboys' second No. 1, but since he's not available, let's see who they select now.

Ryan (Texas) says: Sigh. We've addressed RB and none of the top 4 corners slid our way so give me Sweed. Keep it in Texas baby!

Moderator: San Francisco is on the clock.

Brad (Sacramento) says: Niners need to go with an OT Gosder Cherilus to help out with the O-Line or OLB Quentin Groves to help out with the pass rush. Receiver isn't a need here because they can find one later in the draft that will fit Martz's system such as Eddie Royal from Virginia Tech or Harry Douglas from Louisville.

Jason (Rapid City) says"
Niners havent had a threat in the passing game for a long time. I think Malcolm Kelly would be a great fit here. If not they definitately take Chelirus on the line..someone needs to protect the QB. Sad Mayo is gone...thats who we really want.

Moderator: And the pick is ...

Moderator: Green Bay is on the clock.

Jeremy (Indiana) says:
I am in the minority but I think the Packers should draft Brian Brohm in the first round.

DJ (Madison) says: I'd like to see the
Packers trade out of first round.

Chris (Phoenix) says:
I see Green Bay going after a TE at #30. With the departure of Bubba we need a good run blocking TE and red zone target. So, with this pick I say go with TE Martellus Bennett out of Texas A&M.

Rory (Tally) says: The Pack takes Cason or they trade down with someone who wants Brohm. I think the former is more probable.

Moderator: And Green Bay ... trades its pick.

Atlanta trades its second-round pick (No. 34) and fourth-round pick (No. 103) to Green Bay for its first-round pick (No. 30).

Why Atlanta moved up (Keith Kidd, Scouts Inc.: Knowing there are teams like Miami, Carolina, Chicago and possibly K.C., out there looking for quarterback help as much as we are, it doesn't cost us that much to move up and make sure we get our guy.

Why Green Bay moved down (Ken Moll, Scouts Inc.): The Packers don't mind moving around and adding extra picks. In the market for a cornerback, Green Bay knows is can slide back four spots and still get Brandon Flowers, Antoine Cason or Justin King there.

Moderator: And the Giants are on the clock for the final pick of the first round.

Jason (Boston) says:
The Giants must take Kenny Phillips here. Our current safeties are all liabilities in coverage, and Phillips is the best one on the board. Plus, with the tight ends we have to face in the NFC East (Witten, Cooley, and L.J. Smith), someone has to have the physical tools to limit their effectiveness. Phillips, now!

Jerry Reese (NYC) says:
(PUFFING ON A CIGAR) Man its good to be the king. I thought about moving up but this draft is going just like I want it. I am gonna put my feet up and finish this cigar until I select Kenny Phillips.

And the pick is ...

Steve (Southington) says: The giants made a good pick with Phillips. It's a perfect pick and he will be just like Ed Reed.

Moderator: That concludes the Scouts Inc. Interactive Mock Draft., Thanks for all the great questions and comments. It will be interesting to see what happens on draft day, but here's hoping your teams picks who you want.