Agent: Ryan Mallett ill during visit

Ryan Mallett was ill during his April 9 visit with the Carolina Panthers and had to cancel most of the day's meetings, one of his agents said Wednesday.

Reports have circulated that Mallett, who was arrested for public intoxication in March 2009, was ill because he had stayed out late the night before.

The agent, J.R. Carroll, denied that. Carroll said Mallett had dinner in Carolina with Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones, the two walked around downtown Charlotte, and Mallett headed back to his hotel room at about 10 p.m. ET, when he didn't feel well.

Carroll said Mallett met with Panthers offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski the next morning but was too sick to go on with any other meetings.

"I'm pretty sure Ryan was really, really sick," Carroll said. "He told me he was sick the night before. And I know Ryan wasn't out late [that] night. I know that for sure. He's not an idiot."

A Panthers official said Mallett had dinner with Carolina's coaches the evening he arrived and informed a staff member the next morning at a scheduled breakfast that he had been sick all night with nausea.

"We told Ryan that, if he was ill, to remain in his room as long as the nausea existed," the official said. "We took him to the airport later that afternoon for his scheduled flight."

Carroll also questioned how, in this day and age, with so many people carrying cell phone cameras, no one was able to produce a picture of a 6-foot-7 man out after hours with Jones.

"I'll tell you this -- Ryan was in his hotel room by about 10 o'clock," Carroll said.

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.