Ezekiel Ansah's passport viewed

In an effort to clarify questions about the age of BYU defensive end Ezekiel "Ziggy" Ansah, a select group of interested teams have received photocopies of Ansah's Ghana passport to verify his birthdate as May 29, 1989.

Ansah's listed age of 23 has been the subject of scrutiny by some personnel officials. A copy of his government-issued passport that was transmitted to teams last week shows Ansah will be 24 on May 29. One team said the passport copy was sent by Ansah's agency, Sunwest Sports.

The Ghana passport was issued on March 1, 2008, the same year Ansah traveled to the United States after being converted as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to attend BYU, the Mormon-based college in Provo, Utah.

Ansah, 6-foot-5, 271 pounds, is a first-round prospect who could go in the top 10 of next week's NFL draft. Some scouts have stated privately that Ansah appears older than 23, but the same scouts have not indicated if it was a major stumbling block to his draft rating.