Seattle leads list of NFL's best drafters

Coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider stand with Earl Thomas, the only first-round pick on the Seahawks roster. AP Images/Elaine Thompson

In today's NFL, championships are built through the draft.

Given the rookie wage scale and salary-cap restrictions, the draft provides teams the opportunity to fill their rosters with the kind of cheap, young labor they are unlikely to find on the free-agent market. These players will be the foundation of any team, and for this reason, the NFL draft is very important to the future of a franchise. The best drafting teams will get the most out of their top picks and find value in the later rounds. Those teams might not land the most talented player in the draft, but by consistently drafting players that meet or exceed expectations, they will set themselves up for long-term success.

So which teams are best at finding value in draft picks?