Gruden's buyer-beware NFL draft prospects

ESPN NFL Insider Mike Sando recently traveled to Jon Gruden's office in Tampa, Florida, to watch a seven-hour pre-draft film session with Mel Kiper Jr. After putting together a list of Gruden's favorite players, this column focuses on 15 well-known prospects Gruden feels less certain about, pulled from a pool of 62 players Gruden and Kiper analyzed during their meeting.

Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

Winston has prototypical size, a great personality, intangibles, enthusiasm and effort. He is a leader and excels on the practice field at dealing with players. He will stand in the pocket under intense fire and throw strikes, which I really admire. He can also throw to the wide side of the field against pressure and with tremendous anticipation in a manner you don't often see at any level of football.

That is all great. But when you talk about being the No. 1 pick, I'm a little leery because Winston is an unfinished product as a sophomore, he has made questionable decisions on the field and the off-field history has to be concerning.