Should Cowboys draft a quarterback at No. 4? Opinions vary

Owner Jerry Jones has all but publicly ruled out his Dallas Cowboys from selecting quarterback Tony Romo's successor with the fourth pick in the 2016 NFL draft. As Jones put it during the combine, no draft-day decision will challenge the "unequivocal fact" that Dallas plans for Romo to start another four or five seasons.

It's an NFL conversation starter regardless. Romo failed to last even five games last season, his 10th as a starter. The Cowboys were 1-11 in his absence. Romo turns 36 in April. He has had back surgery and a broken collarbone since December 2013. And so the questions grow stronger. When is the right time for a team in the Cowboys' position to move aggressively on its next quarterback? What will Dallas ultimately do?

Coaches and evaluators around the league offered diverse perspectives and predictions during conversations at the combine in Indianapolis.