Top 10 prospects at each position for 2017 NFL draft

Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson and Alabama inside linebacker Reuben Foster are among the top prospects for the 2017 draft. AP Photo, USA Today Sports

My preseason Big Board for the 2017 NFL draft is up, but I know many of you want to go well beyond 25 names. So here's a couple hundred more, broken down by position.

Important to note: This is a mix of seniors and underclassmen, but early on I separate the two so you see more senior players, as those are guys who are certain to be in the draft. By "underclassmen," I mean players who technically could return to school for another season. Those are true juniors and third-year sophomores. I've denoted the third-year sophomores with asterisks.



1. C.J. Beathard, Iowa
2. Mitch Leidner, Minnesota
3. Chad Kelly, Mississippi
4. Davis Webb, California
5. Seth Russell, Baylor