Mel Kiper's 2017 'Grade: A' three-round mock draft

It's time for my annual three-round mock draft, which has a simple concept: I'm the general manager for each team at each pick, from No. 1 to No. 107.

I'm not projecting picks based on what I'm hearing around the league. This is me making 107 picks -- three full rounds -- based on what's best for each team at that slot, so that each team gets an "A" grade.

The ground rules:

  1. At each slot, I make a pick in the best interest of only the team with the pick. I won't pass on a player at No. 4 just because I like the team at No. 5 better.

  2. No trades unless they have already happened. I try to address team needs, but as with the actual draft, value can supersede need.

  3. Once again, I'm not projecting. It's more a look at where I see value up and down the board, based on my rankings.

There's a team-by-team look with my full analysis below, as well as a pick-by-pick version, so you can see how the order of the picks progressed and get an idea of who was off the board when each team selected.

View complete mock draft: All 107 picks in order

Cleveland Browns