Warren Sapp doesn't think Myles Garrett is deserving of No. 1 pick

May: Garrett 'is the best player in this draft' (1:10)

Mark May reacts to the criticism football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has directed toward top draft prospect Myles Garrett. (1:10)

As the NFL draft approaches this week, Hall of Fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp is struggling to understand why Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett is poised to be the No. 1 pick.

"I don't see it from this kid," Sapp said Sunday about Garrett. "I see the splash plays; everybody gets those. Where's the game he took over? Where? Any defensive lineman who's the No. 1 pick, you turn up and you say, 'There it is!' This kid, no, I don't. I'm a pretty plain and frank guy, and I watch the tape and he disappears. I watch the tape, and he absolutely disappears."

Still, Garrett is considered the favorite to go No. 1 to the Cleveland Browns, who used the No. 1 overall pick in the 2000 draft on Penn State defensive end Courtney Brown.

"I don't think this kid is as good as Courtney Brown either," Sapp said.

Sapp said he believes teams have fallen for Garrett for one reason only.

"It's all about measurable," he said. "Once you hit the measurable, it's tough to get them old scout people off the numbers, and that's what [Garrett] has. He's big, and he's fast. Now some defensive line coach is thinking, 'I can turn him into something.' How? I'm trying to figure this out. Really? Are we lowering the bar?"

Sapp said he has studied a handful of games that Garrett has played on tape, but he said it didn't take him long to realize the type of player that Garrett is.

Now, as Garrett is closing in on becoming the first defensive lineman drafted No. 1 overall since Jadeveon Clowney in 2014, Sapp wonders how important the game is to him.

"I see a lazy kid that makes four plays a game," Sapp said. "This is the No. 1 guy? No, no, no. This ain't even close."