NFL execs unfiltered on every team's 2019 draft class

The 2019 NFL draft was filled with intrigue, surprises and a number of selections that had fans buzzing during the event and afterward. But were those picks really so questionable?

Coaches, executives and evaluators have their opinions as well -- opinions I've pulled together for this 32-team draft review. It's an inside look at the debates and conversations taking place inside team headquarters around the league.

Arizona Cardinals

For a while, the Cardinals had what one former general manager called the two best quarterbacks in the 2019 draft. Top overall pick Kyler Murray was one of them. Incumbent Cardinals starter Josh Rosen, subsequently traded to Miami for a 2019 second-round pick and a 2020 fifth-rounder, was the other.

"Murray is No. 1, hands down -- as good or better than [Baker] Mayfield," the former GM said. "But they gotta fix the offensive line in Arizona or they might get the little guy killed. Murray is not going to back down. He is going to run around to make a play, and defenses in the NFL are a little different than the Big 12."

Most execs thought selecting Murray was an easy call even though Arizona used a first-round pick for Rosen just last year.

"Murray is a game-changer, and then [second-round cornerback Byron] Murphy is a ball hawk," a general manager said. "[Third-round defensive end] Zach Allen is very active, [second-round receiver Andy] Isabella was very productive. The late part of their draft is a bunch of free agents, in my opinion, but the early part is very intriguing."

Murray drew comparisons to Michael Vick.

"I'm intrigued by their offense," another exec said. "I like the receivers they took. Isabella was a little too rich [in the second round] but it's a gifted pick from the Rosen trade. Christian Kirk could become a huge fantasy player if they use him as a move player like Tyreek Hill or even Tarik Cohen -- a bubble screen guy where you get it in his hands."

There is one overriding concern.

"If you can't pass protect and you can't run block, I don't care who your quarterback is," an exec said. "It can be f---ing Tom Brady and you are not going to survive."