NFL draft 2021 mailbag: Mel Kiper answers 15 questions on quarterback prospects, teams and picks

With no NFL combine this week, it's a great time to press reset for the 2021 NFL draft and take stock of where we are two months out. Once we get through free agency in two weeks, we'll have a much clearer answer about team needs -- and where the quarterbacks will land in Round 1.

You've seen my latest projection at the top 32 picks and updated position rankings. Mike Tannenbaum told you what it's really like inside the interview room with prospects. And Todd McShay will have his third mock draft later this week. So I asked my readers for some help this week, and you all came through with questions for an early mailbag.

How would I rank the quarterbacks if last year's class was included? Who is a sleeper wide receiver to watch in April's draft? What would be the perfect scenario for the Raiders in Round 1? I've got answers for 15 questions. I even explained the time I almost went to work for an NFL team. Let's get to it. (Questions have been edited for clarity.)

If you combined the 2020 and 2021 classes, how would you rank the top 10 quarterbacks? (via @jdllaw23)

So if we're using my pre-draft rankings for last year's class, the top two is pretty easy. Trevor Lawrence is going to have one of the highest grades I've ever given (more on that Wednesday); he's the clear No. 1. And Joe Burrow was head-and-shoulders above the rest of last year's class. After that, it's very close, but I had slightly higher grades on two 2020 signal-callers.

My top 10 -- again, based on pre-draft grades -- looks like this: