NFL draft 2021: Players react to selections with dogs, table jumping and more

A.J. Brown sheds tears after Elijah Moore is drafted by the Jets (0:26)

The Titans' A.J. Brown gets emotional when former Ole Miss teammate Elijah Moore gets drafted by the Jets. (0:26)

Regardless of whether they were first off the board or last, players selected in the 2021 NFL draft have this in common: Their dreams came true. Draftees across the league reacted to their wildest aspirations being realized in a variety of ways, some more shocking than others.

Offensive lineman Spencer Brown, a third-round draft pick out of Northern Iowa, continued a timeless Buffalo Bills tradition:


Spencer Brown jumps through table Bills Mafia style after being drafted

Bills third-round draft pick Spencer Brown continues the tradition, as the former Northern Iowa offensive tackle jumps through a table after being selected by the Bills.

Alabama Crimson Tide standout wide receiver Jaylen Waddle went viral for avoiding his family after being drafted No. 6 overall. The new Miami Dolphin provided context for how things really went down:

Former Oklahoma Sooners defensive end Ronnie Perkins, now with the New England Patriots, expressed his shock about where he fell in the draft on social media:

Other players shared heartwarming moments with loved ones after being selected:

Meanwhile, Bill Belichick's dog was present for another draft and seemed satisfied with the newest additions to the Patriots.