NFL mock draft 2022: Todd McShay's predictions for all 32 first-round picks after combine workouts and the Russell Wilson trade

Note: This mock draft was originally posted on Wednesday morning, but the Commanders' trade for Carson Wentz meant some changes in the middle of Round 1. We pivoted on a handful of picks below, most notably the Commanders' pick at No. 11.

We've spent the past week dissecting 2022 NFL draft prospects' measurements, timed speeds and skill sets when playing against nothing but air as we digest what we saw at the scouting combine.

But with all the talk of risers, fallers, burners and workout warriors, how did the combine really impact the Round 1 outlook for April? And what can the Seahawks do with their brand-new top-10 pick, acquired as part of the agreed-upon deal sending Russell Wilson to the Broncos. It seems like a good time to take another run through all 32 picks on deck for Day 1.

The combine isn't everything in the pre-draft process, but it's a piece of the puzzle. The workouts either validate a prior evaluation or make you go back to the tape for a second look. Two things were for sure as we all left Indianapolis after four days of on-field work, though: This draft class has a ton of speed and explosiveness, and teams that miss out on filling a need in the first round will have plenty of strong options on Day 2 and even Day 3.

So after a great week in Indy at the return of the combine, who is projected to be the No. 1 pick? Who will land the top prospects? Does Seattle moving into the top 10 change up quarterback landing spots? I projected an additional trade, too: Which team jumps at the chance to move up and get a QB late in the first round?

Remember, we still have team interviews and pro-day workouts looming, so projections are far from final. I'll keep running through tape right up until April 28, as well, and teams are still working through their own boards. But for now, here is my current prediction of how the first round of the 2022 draft will play out. And for more on all 32 picks, check out our SportsCenter mock draft special.

Note: Historical notes are via ESPN Stats & Information.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars