The 2022 NFL draft's best at everything: Most accurate, top route runner, best cover corner and more

You'll see a lot of trait-specific breakdowns in 2022 NFL draft class prospects' scouting reports this month. That means evaluations for all kinds of skills, from accuracy and pocket mobility for quarterbacks, speed and body control for receivers, and range and tackling ability for defenders. But who is truly the best in the class at each individual skill? In other words, which quarterback displays the best arm talent? Which wide receiver is the top route runner of the class? Who is the best run-blocker -- and run-stopper? And how about the best ball-hawking defensive back?

To get a sense of which prospects stand out in each particular area, I put together my annual list of the best at everything -- the skill superlatives of this year's draft class -- for 51 different categories. This is the area where top prospects separate themselves from the rest of the class. Of course, every prospect on this list excels in multiple areas, but this list helps identify their best trait -- where they are better than everyone else in the entire 2022 class. And to top it off, I picked out three under-the-radar prospects with upside.

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Under the radar

Best arm talent: Malik Willis, QB, Liberty