Seven-round NFL mock draft 2022: Matt Miller's predictions for 262 picks, making two trades and filling needs for all 32 teams

The 2022 NFL draft has been the most difficult to predict -- even as the draft is only days away. This year has no consensus No. 1 pick and truly doesn't have even a consensus No. 1 overall player.

There is no star at quarterback whom teams are vying for in the top 10. Instead, the 2022 class is dominated by pass-rushers, offensive tackles and wide receivers. That lack of consensus, and the expectation that there will be reaches for quarterbacks, makes this an exciting year with tons of intrigue and anticipation ... but also a stressful one for mock drafters.

A seven-round mock draft is a beast, but a fun one. Connecting the dots between player value, team needs, the philosophies of general managers and the whims of coaches is what draft fans and analysts live for. Every pick represents hope for an organization. Every Day 3 selection could become Tom Brady, or at least George Kittle, and change a team forever.

When sitting down to write a seven-rounder, that's the goal: to improve each team as much as possible. Doing that by using information gleaned from sources and also looking at previous draft strategy for each organization is how we come to predict all 262 picks in this draft.

A mock draft is what we're hearing -- not what we'd do -- as analysts, and this one is no different. So let's get into it, with the Jacksonville Jaguars once again on the clock at No. 1 overall.

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1. Jacksonville Jaguars