NFL draft 2023: Latest rumors, news and prospect risers

With less than a week until Round 1 of the 2023 NFL draft, the rumors and intrigue are picking up. We've heard a lot of buzz about potential traded picks, the Texans' intentions at No. 2, big-time risers among top prospects and how the quarterbacks will come off the board. So we asked NFL draft analysts Matt Miller and Jordan Reid to break down the latest intel from around the league.

What moves could shake up the top 10? Could Houston really pass on a QB, and which teams might want to trade for Arizona's No. 3 pick? Where could Bijan Robinson get drafted, which picks just make too much sense not to happen, and which trends should continue this year? We get into all that and then let Matt and Jordan fill out two intriguing teams' perfect draft outcomes. Finally, our experts empty the scouting notebooks with what they're hearing.

Let's jump in, starting with big questions around key teams in the top five.

Rankings: Miller | Reid

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Could the Texans really pass on a quarterback at No. 2?