Three-round NFL mock draft 2022: Mel Kiper, Todd McShay predict the top 105 picks, alternating for all 32 teams

In nine short days, Round 1 of the 2022 NFL draft will finally be here. One day later, we'll get Rounds 2 and 3. So NFL draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay are here to project all 105 picks of the first three rounds.

The twist? Kiper and McShay took turns, alternating each selection. They made their predictions for Rounds 1-3 based on a combination of what they think each team will do and what they would do. They're playing general manager for all 32 teams and using their personal rankings to guide them. The rules for the draft:

  • Three full rounds, 105 total picks, with prospect predictions for each slot.

  • Kiper and McShay alternated each pick, with McShay starting at No. 1 and taking the odd numbers and Kiper taking the evens.

  • No deals that even hint at "I won't take Player X if you don't take Player Y." No cheating.

  • No trades allowed here. We're just following the board as it is.

Eight teams make at least five picks, and all 32 franchises have at least one selection -- though the Dolphins and Rams will have to wait until late in Round 3. McShay gets us going with the Jaguars at No. 1, and he'll also get the final pick of this mock draft as we go through the compensatory selections to the 49ers at No. 105. And be sure to check out our SportsCenter Special that dives deeper into this mock draft.

Note: An asterisk denotes a compensatory selection.

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1. Jacksonville Jaguars