Ranking the 100 best 2023 NFL draft picks, steals, team fits

It has been nearly two weeks since 259 names were called in the 2023 NFL draft, and rookie minicamps are kicking off around the league. But how do the individual picks stack up when compared against one another? With the benefit of some team situation and depth chart context, we ranked the best 100 selections across all seven rounds.

This isn't just a list of the best prospects -- we did that before the draft. Instead, we are incorporating a bit more into the equation than just what each prospect put on tape. To create our list of the best 100 picks, we factored in value (where a player was drafted vs. where he was ranked pre-draft), scheme fit, how the selection addressed a need and whether additional assets were gained or lost in draft-day trades to acquire the prospect.

So which picks stand out? Which selections crack the top 10? And which Day 3 moves make the list? Let's rank the best 100 picks of the 2023 draft. Who is No. 1?

Note: When each player was selected is listed by Round-Pick in parentheses.

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