Russell Wilson to the Broncos: Making sense of the Seahawks' trade, Denver's Super Bowl hopes with its new QB and what's next

If you're a Denver Broncos fan, you probably weren't expecting to spend Tuesday riding a rollercoaster, but you're also probably thrilled with where you ended up. The morning started with reports that Aaron Rodgers would be returning to the Green Bay Packers, ending the long-rumored dalliance between the reigning NFL MVP and a move to Denver. By the time lunch rolled around, though, the Broncos had consummated a stunning deal, agreeing to send three players and four picks to the Seattle Seahawks for 33-year-old quarterback Russell Wilson.

On the other hand, if you're a Seahawks fan, you might be wondering what you're missing. As recently as last Wednesday, coach Pete Carroll said that his franchise had "no intention" of trading Wilson. The bad blood between Wilson and the organization we saw last spring had seemed to settle, and while the Seahawks were coming off of their worst season in the Wilson era (7-10), they didn't seem desperate to move their star quarterback for anything short of a breathtaking haul.

But what they got from the Broncos might have caused Seahawks fans to lose their breath for totally different reasons. There's no single spectacular draft pick in here, no unprecedented haul of draft capital and no young superstar heading back to Seattle. The most valuable piece the Seahawks are getting back from Denver is the No. 9 overall pick in a 2022 draft which might not have a franchise quarterback.

In breaking down all the angles of the trade, I keep coming back to one question. Let's start there and explore what this deal means for both franchises and what comes next.

What are the Seahawks thinking?