NFL training camps: Fantasy football tips, nuggets and what I learned at Cardinals, Bills, Lions, Colts, Titans, Bengals, Steelers, Browns stops

The workload for Bengals running back Joe Mixon was among the hot topics at camp for the defending AFC champs. Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports

Neck burns and optimism. That's what NFL training camp is all about. While sunscreen helps with the neck issue, not much is blocking teams from feeling good about their players this time of year. Players are in the best shape of their lives. They want 1,500 yards or double-digit sacks. And coaches and front-office officials hope they get it.

All of that is easy to process when the NFL is a collective 0-0. What's great about a reporter's training camp tour is you can take a team at face value, making observations for the first time about what a roster can be. You talk to players, coaches and general managers in relaxed settings, when there's time to reflect -- and dream.

That's why we hopped on four different planes and drove 1,600 miles in a rental car to bring you the goods. The days of uninspired videoconference interviews due to COVID-19 protocols are over. We even entered an NFL locker room for the first time in two years (thanks, Cincinnati).

So here's a sizable notebook on what I learned at camps for the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, including how each team is looking in the early going and fantasy tips to know. Let's start in the Valley.