Predicting potential 2022 surprises for all 32 NFL teams: Stat leaders, breakouts and depth-chart changes, and fantasy football updates

Could Baker Mayfield lead the Panthers to the postseason? AP Photo/Alex Brandon

If we could predict surprises, they wouldn't be surprises. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't give it a shot.

Every year, things happen in the NFL that we didn't expect. By this point in the offseason, months' worth of phone calls, texts and training camp visits (a deeper look at the latter right here) have given those of us who report on the league a sense of what is and isn't likely to happen with each team. But not everything we find out rises to the level of a "look for this to happen" report.

So we did this piece last year to address the issue of surprises. And we actually hit on a few, including Colts running back Jonathan Taylor leading the league in rushing, Davante Adams' and Baker Mayfield's contract situations not being resolved, and DeVonta Smith overcoming a preseason injury to lead the Eagles in receiving, among several others.

Once again, we've identified something for each team that, based on my reporting and the conversations I've had around these teams, could happen that you might not be expecting.

I hope you enjoy it.