NFL head-coach openings: Latest buzz, rumors and top candidates

Could the stay-or-go decision of Sean McVay (right) have an impact on Sean Payton's 2023 destination? Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire

The NFL head-coaching carousel finds itself in a slow, steady spin in the days since the conclusion of the 2022 regular season. In addition to three positions that were vacant before season's end, two more have been added to the list -- with a decision to come for Sean McVay with the Los Angeles Rams, and perhaps additional surprises afoot.

Vacancies at present include the Panthers, Colts and Broncos jobs, with the Cardinals and Texans both dismissing their coaches in the hours that followed the conclusion of Week 18. Sean Payton and Jim Harbaugh are high on any list of the hottest names at present, with speculation about the fit for those coaches and several others a major topic of conversation in league circles.

Here with the latest information on all of the most prominent names and coaching searches, as well as the spots where uncertainty remains, are NFL insiders Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler, who have also been sizing up potential coordinator and general manager movement throughout the NFL: