Top upcoming roster decisions for all 32 teams

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Although the case can be made that the Seahawks added the player this offseason who is primed to make the biggest difference for his new team in 2015 -- tight end Jimmy Graham -- Seattle's most important transaction has not yet (but could soon) come: inking quarterback Russell Wilson to an extension.

Wilson is a free agent-to-be after this season, but it's clear there's mutual interest in getting a deal done. It would represent a move that not only ensures Seattle remains competitive right now, but also for the length of whatever deal he signs. It will also have a major impact on the other moves the Seahawks can make going forward. Wilson isn't the only player in Seattle soon in need of a new deal, and that's one of the realities of success in football: Players ascend in terms of performance and can command money commensurate with that performance when they approach free agency.

With Wilson and other Seahawks in mind, below is a look at one key roster decision every NFL team soon faces.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

Manuel's leash: If EJ Manuel -- the team's first-round pick in 2013 -- doesn't emerge as the clear-cut starter entering this season, would it behoove Buffalo to trade him to a team looking for a reserve-level signal-caller? With Matt Cassel and Tyrod Taylor added this offseason, the team would be insulated at quarterback if such a scenario took place. Manuel has struggled in two NFL seasons, failing to put a vice grip on the starting job that was seemingly set up for him to control.