Ranking NFL's most underpaid veterans

If you were asked who the most underpaid players are in the NFL, nearly everyone on the list would be players in their first contracts. Under the current CBA, any successful rookies are automatically great values as long as they remain on their first contracts.

Unless Russell Wilson signs a new deal, he will count less than $2 million against the Seahawks' cap this year. Odell Beckham Jr., Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald all became superstars as rookies, but the three combined will count less than $9 million against their respective teams' caps.

It is a lot harder to find veteran players who are bargains. To figure out which veteran players are the most underpaid, I used the Jahnke Value Model, which determines how much money a player should be counting against a team's cap for a year based on his abilities. That is compared to his actual cap hit for 2015 (cap numbers from OverTheCap.com) to figure out the biggest differentials.

Players such as Denver CB Chris Harris were removed from the list. He counts only $3 million against the Broncos' cap this year but will be making eight figures a year on his current deal and is only underpaid because of the structure of the contract. Everyone on this list needs a new deal in order to get anywhere close to what they are worth.