Even with elite O-line, Cowboys' running game looks slowed

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In 2014, the Cowboys' outstanding rushing attack made a lot of the team's problems go away. That isn't to take away from how well Tony Romo played or the huge contributions by Dez Bryant, but in many ways, the running game was Dallas' foundation.

And it worked.

But will it work in 2015?

First of all, I commend Dallas for using three recent first-round picks on its offensive line. Building a franchise on a young, talented offensive line is a low-risk philosophy that can pay off for years to come. And I expect it will. But I do think the Cowboys were foolish to use little to no resources on the running back position.

Letting DeMarco Murray walk after a season in which he touched the ball nearly 500 times (including the playoffs) was the right decision. But I am not a believer that "just any running back" can control the flow of an NFL game week after week, even behind such a great young line led by Tyron Smith, who was once again simply exceptional Sunday night against the Giants.