Kiper's Midseason NFL Draft Review

Todd Gurley, Jameis Winston and Marcus Peters have all flashed exceptional potential at times this season. Getty Images

I give draft grades based on the overall manner in which a team added talent and maximized draft board position. But I know soon after the draft is far too early to rate the overall success of a draft class. So my goal here is to point out who has looked good and also where there is still plenty to learn about this particular class.

A reminder: It's early! For many of the better teams, you just don't expect to get much from your rookie class. The Bengals, for instance, have a deep roster and require little help from their rookies. That said, there have been some notable rookie performance for even the best teams. In the NFL, it's all about attrition, and the "next man up" is often a rookie.

Here's a look.

Arizona Cardinals

Great start: You have to grade on a curve here because this was a deep roster before the draft, and given that, I think you're thrilled to see Markus Golden, Rodney Gunter and David Johnson already playing roles. Johnson in particular could be seeing more playing time, but Chris Johnson has been so good he hasn't been needed as much.

What we'll learn: First-round pick D.J. Humphries is essentially being redshirted, a great luxury to have for a talented but raw high-end prospect who could use the practice reps.

Atlanta Falcons

Great start: Seeing a decent amount from this class. Grady Jarrett is showing why he was considered a steal, the only problem being he's been better than Vic Beasley Jr., who shows flashes but just isn't an impact guy yet. Tevin Coleman can be a good one, but he's had to make way for the Devonta Freeman show.

What we'll learn: Can Beasley be a situational pass-rusher or a consistent player against both the run and pass? Hey, it doesn't have to happen this year. He's a rookie. And Jalen Collins is talented but raw. He needs time.