Blame Jerry Jones? It's not so simple for the Cowboys

Jerry Jones is taking a lot for heat for the Cowboys' 2-7 record, but should he? Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports

After his team suffered its seventh consecutive loss on Sunday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jones told assembled media, "We're not getting it done, beginning with me. That's right where that responsibility is."

Jones won't get much sympathy from the Cowboys' faithful or the general public. He's been the classic owner-as-enabler over the years, covering for his players in ways that make it tougher for coaches to hold anyone accountable. The star quarterback sometimes gets careless with the football in critical situations? Jerry had a soft chair for him in the owner's suite. The star receiver loses his cool on the sideline or in the locker room? Jerry has his back. You know it's bad when Greg Hardy gets both a free pass and the owner's explicit endorsement as a team leader.

Jones' ownership style and his leadership in the NFL's cultural shift toward a profits-before-all-else mentality makes him an inviting target. He'll get no sympathy here, but it's silly to simply "blame Jerry" for the mess this Cowboys season has become. For all their issues, Jones' Cowboys have bad luck to blame for their current losing streak. The good news for them is that luck has also improbably kept Dallas in the NFC East race regardless. Better yet for Dallas, Romo's expected return should reduce the role luck plays from this point forward.