Ranking the NFL's scariest offenses

It's hard to find two offensive players on more of a roll right now than Antonio Brown and Cam Newton. USA TODAY Sports

This past Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown absolutely lit up the Denver Broncos' top-tier defense for 16 catches, 189 yards and two TDs while quarterback Ben Roethlisberger finished the day 40-of-55 passing for 380 yards. It was yet another offensive explosion for Todd Haley's group in Pittsburgh, and it got us thinking about the most feared offenses in the league.

From the Steelers to Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers, these units can beat you in so many different ways. Talent? Sure, they all have it. But the way they dictate matchups and execute their schemes are more important than anything. Watch out, now. These offenses can score in bunches.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a true, three-level passing game and there's no question it starts with Brown. The guy is electric, producing eight games of 100-plus yards already this season. With two contests still to play, he has 116 receptions, 1,586 yards and nine TDs. Not bad. Throw Brown the ball all over the field -- that's the ticket.

But let's not forget about the deep speed of Martavis Bryant (15.8 yards per catch, 6 TDs), the intermediate cuts with Markus Wheaton and the reliability that comes with veteran tight end Heath Miller. That gives Roethlisberger (3,369 yards and 18 TDs in 10 games) plenty of options in both reduced formations and spread sets.