Names to watch for general manager openings

Nick Caserio has been with the Patriots for 15 years and may not be interested in leaving, but he'll garner interest. AP Photo/Stephan Savoia

Much like head coaches, some general managers unfortunately will lose their jobs beginning next week. It's just the nature of the business. And while some really don't deserve to be let go, owners just aren't as patient as they should be these days. We saw only a few changes on the general manager front last year, but we could see more this time around.

Below are the top candidates who have been mentioned to me in conversations I've had with NFL sources over the past few months.

Hot names among non-GMs

Nick Caserio, director of player personnel, New England Patriots

The thought with some around the NFL is that Caserio, now in his 15th season with the Patriots, is not looking to leave the team and is likely to stay around for at least a few more seasons. If he does wind up leaving over the next few years, though, he could team up with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. His experience in overseeing the pro and college scouting departments in New England makes him the perfect general manager candidate. Several prominent player agents have said they really respect his work and like how he has dealt with them over the years.