Why the Broncos should be Super Bowl 50 favorite

Kubiak setting tone for Broncos (2:28)

Sal Paolantonio breaks down how coach Gary Kubiak is handling the Broncos and the biggest issues facing Denver before the Super Bowl. (2:28)

The Carolina Panthers are the prohibitive favorite to win Super Bowl 50. One Las Vegas director of trading says he cannot remember a more one-sided Super Bowl in terms of betting, and there are reports that as many as 90 percent of tickets are being placed on the Panthers' side of this ledger.

Add that to polls and media selections that strongly favor the Panthers, and it's clear it would be considered a major upset if Denver were to win.

Meaning no disrespect to the Panthers, but why in the world is this the case? Some of it has to do with having the likely league MVP (Cam Newton) on their roster, but the reality of the situation is there are many reasons Denver should be considered the prohibitive favorite in this game.