Re-grading the 2015 offseason for all 32 teams

The Brandon Marshall trade worked out flawlessly for the Jets, while the Eagles' addition of DeMarco Murray didn't pan out as expected. USA Today Sports

The New England Patriots tend to get the last laugh. The Cleveland Browns tend to get laughs. So it is again as we re-grade the work teams put in last offseason.

The Patriots jumped into the A range. The Browns, downgraded from a C-plus to D-minus, have company in detention. Ill-fated 2015 offseasons for Philadelphia and San Francisco reverberated with enough force to launch coach Chip Kelly from the Eagles to the 49ers. Those teams' re-grades suffered accordingly.

Here's how all 32 teams fared when put under the microscope for a second time.


Buffalo Bills

Offseason grade: B+

Re-signing key players such as Jerry Hughes and Kyle Williams secured high marks for the Bills last offseason even amid some concerns over the price paid for LeSean McCoy and the team's coaching change. What we missed, completely, was the impact Tyrod Taylor would have at quarterback. The Bills had Taylor buried on the depth chart when we handed out grades, so there was little outward indication the team had big plans for him. Buffalo scored significant offseason victories by adding Taylor, guard Richie Incognito and second-round cornerback Ronald Darby.

Re-grade: A-

Miami Dolphins

Offseason grade: B

The re-signings/additions of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, center Mike Pouncey, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, tight end Jordan Cameron and receiver DeVante Parker generally went over well at the time. But the Dolphins did not get their money's worth in 2015, leading to changes in the front office and coaching staff. Those high-priced players could still pay off in the long run, but until they do, it makes sense to knock them down a peg.

Re-grade: C