Biggest weaknesses for NFL's reigning contenders

Dawkins: Tough situation for Okung (1:28)

Brian Dawkins and Dan Graziano react to OT Russell Okung representing himself in free agency and how the legal tampering window means Okung can't start negotiating until Wednesday. (1:28)

Take a look at next season's Super Bowl odds and you'll see that the Vegas experts expect next season to look a lot like this past one. The top seven teams in the odds all made this past season's final eight.

But recent history shows that we shouldn't necessarily expect the same teams to stay on top every year. The Colts, Cowboys and Ravens all missed the playoffs in 2015 after making the final eight in 2014.

To return to Super Bowl contention, each of last season's final eight must address significant weaknesses this offseason. Remarkably, half of the eight teams have the same primary weakness: the offensive line, which could make draft night very interesting. With these teams picking one after the other in each round, the incentive to trade up could be particularly strong as the teams vie to fill the same hole.

As we identify the weakness for each team, we'll also identify a potential solution either in the draft or in free agency. Our analysis will sometimes refer to DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average) and some of Football Outsiders' other advanced metrics, which are explained here.