Mike Glennon tops ranking of potential quarterback trade targets

Should the 49ers work it out with Kaepernick? (2:32)

Michael Smith thinks it would be in the best interest of the 49ers and QB Colin Kaepernick to come to terms on a trade, whereas Jemele Hill believes it would be better for Chip Kelly to revive Kaepernick's career. (2:32)

An annual tradition is upon us, and I'm not talking about the NCAA tournament. Nope, it's the quarterback carousel that accompanies every NFL offseason, and it's starting to spin faster as the draft draws nearer.

There's a quarterback supply and demand issue in the NFL, leaving a bucket of teams searching for an answer -- or at least an upgrade -- each offseason. The epicenter of the quarterback carousel has been the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, who recently acquired Mark Sanchez in a trade after Peyton Manning opted for retirement and Brock Osweiler signed a deal with the Houston Texans.

Sanchez was a logical trade target for Denver; he was buried on the depth chart in Philadelphia and the cost to acquire him wasn't prohibitive.

Below is a look at five more quarterback trade targets, ranked in terms of value based on ability and price point.