Top 10 NFL free-agent signings

Alex Mack and Lamar Miller should both be good fits in their new homes. AP Photo, Getty Images

It can be tough finding very many great signings in NFL free agency with so much bad, desperate money floating through the air. Teams have put away their wallets this far into the process, however, and that makes this a good time to single out 10 deals I liked for various reasons.

1. Alex Mack, C, Atlanta Falcons

General terms: five years, $45 million ($28.5 million guaranteed at signing)

Why I like it: Mack is 30 years old and getting gobs of guaranteed money, which would typically raise red flags in abundance. Indeed, this is a strong deal from Mack's perspective. He can earn $4.5 million above what Cleveland was going to pay him before he opted out of that deal. Better yet for Mack, this deal forces the Falcons to guarantee in full $8.5 million of third-year money if Mack is on the roster in May 2017, which is only the second year of the deal. That's a player-friendly structure.